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WEDDING’G together with Grupo de Macedo was born in 2009 with the purpose of generating quality content, adding the opinion of qualified professionals from different areas to inspire and help our dear readers to plan their dreams with emphasis.


Throughout these 10 years we have always sought to improve our work and seek as much detail and information as possible to show all the angles of each theme. The result is content with excellence, which inspires, clears doubts, and helps to evolve in the reflection of topics of interest.


Our company is based on inspiring, so that you dear reader is always happy and satisfied to follow our publications, whether daily or even weekly, and thus be able to assist you in an important and decisive phase of your Life.


The Group has several brands that cover various topics such as Fashion, Weddings, Home and Decoration, Behavior, Health and Wellness, Entertainment and Life Style. Our Team will always be working to look for news and trends so that you can update yourself on what interests you and makes you happy.

Ricardo de Macedo

Editor's Welcome

Celebrating is necessary! Life is made up of moments, and it is clear that not everyone will always be happy, but the moments when it is necessary to share happiness, without a doubt, will be necessary to celebrate!


From an early age, the Celebration of an Event marks a time and a phase in people's lives, whether to celebrate another Year of Life, such as an Anniversary, a Bar Mitzva, the 15 years, the dreaded 30 years, or the experienced 50 , University Admission, a new Job, Christmas with the Family, a New Year's Eve, the Engagement, or the long-dreamed and expected Wedding, but there are also those that leave us breathless as a sad farewell to a Family or Dear Friend, or even the purest experience of welcoming people who have just been born.

These moments for many people are priceless, because they will be forever in memory, and the intention is to celebrate, always with respect and with good intention, celebrate a moment with those you love and who are happy to celebrate with you. This is the secret to having an Unforgettable Wedding!


For a Celebration to be perfect, you need to plan! And nothing is more important than knowing what to do, or where to start, it will give you a basis to know if your Plan is working and if it will happen as you envisioned.


I love planning events, whether for 5 friends, or the 50 closest ones, or maybe a wedding with 250 friends and family and maybe with the 200 extras that Mothers find indispensable?

Anyway there are several situations that can occur between the dream and the reality of the moment.

I hope that WEDDING'G can help you to Plan your Event as you always dreamed, my goal together with our team is to provide you with the most intense experiences with the most inspiring contents that will help you to prepare correctly for this important phase of your life which is Wedding Planning.

Ricardo de Macedo

Editor in Cheaf



How old are the publications on the Portal?

Content publications on the Portal are made periodically, there are categories classified as a priority for daily publication and other categories with weekly, monthly or even half-yearly content updates such as haute couture fashion shows.



How can I advertise my Company in the Supplier Guide?

You can advertise your Brand in the Supplier Guide at no cost, you must be a company with official registration in government departments. In order to activate your Brand with the Guide, it is necessary to contact our center through and complete the contact form. Our team will contact you within a maximum of 48 hours. This service is free.


How can I publish my Wedding on the Portal?

You can publish your story along with your wedding photos on our portal free of charge, it is necessary to contact our team and fill in the contact form, after receiving your message our team will contact you for you to answer the questions for the interview and we talk about the images and video you want to share.


What is the minimum ad period for a banner?

When hiring a Banner ad plan it is necessary to pay attention to the minimum period of 12 months for the ad, the term of the plan is given by the moment of acceptance of the online contract.


What is the profile of Portal Readers?

Our readers have the profile of between 25 and 45 years old, Brides who are looking for Suppliers, Tips and Inspirations for Wedding Planning which on average is marked between 6 to 2 years.

How do I renew my Ad on the Portal?

To renew your ad that does not have automatic renewal, it is necessary to contact our team and inform the contract reference number and the term you wish to renew, the contract can be renewed for another 12, 24 or 36 months.


How do I cancel my Ad on the Portal?

To cancel the advertisement it is necessary to pay attention to the minimum period described in the contract at the time of hiring, the minimum period of stay is 12 months, after this period the cancellation can be carried out at any time, it must be formalized by email or by the contact form, it is important to inform the Contract Reference Number, the cancellation will be made within 48 hours after the request.


What should I do after completing the Hiring of a Banner / Upgrade?

 After completing the contracting of a Plan, our team will contact your Company within 48 hours, we will send an email with confirmation of your hiring and the list of items needed to activate your online banner.


Can I advertise more than 2 companies in a single Plan?

To advertise 2 companies on the Portal using the same plan and payment method, it is necessary to contact our team and inform the type of plan desired.



What payment methods are accepted for hiring a Banner?

The payment methods accepted for hiring a Banner are Credit Cards, Paypal, PagSeguro, and Bank Transfer.


Code of Conduct

The Macedo Group has become a successful and recognized company in the publications segment. We believe that this success is based on solid strategic pillars, which add value to our publications.

We have the challenge of tirelessly pursuing the commitment of our team to our values ​​and principles, guided by our culture. The daily practice of these values ​​is responsible for maintaining a friendly and healthy environment, which results in a higher quality of our work for our customers.

Vision - To be the most recognized company in independent advertising to generate business value.

Mission - Offer innovative and exclusive content that allows our customers to reach and guarantee excellence in decision making when reading our materials.

Strategic Posture - Striving for the sustainable development of the entire company with an emphasis on the organic business growth model and process. We must always act with professional integrity and demonstrate our commitment to the highest ethical standards.

With the adoption of this Code, we reinforced the practice of a healthy work and business environment that encourages ethics, mutual respect and the physical and moral integrity of all.

Compliance with the law

The Macedo Group, in conducting its business, obeys the laws in force, respects free competition and the environment, rejects any discriminatory and prejudiced practices, the exploitation of child labor, slave or degrading work and corruption in all areas. its forms, including its relationship with suppliers and partners.

Respect for people

The Macedo Group, in its work environment, values ​​diversity, courtesy, impartiality, respect for people and rejects discriminatory acts, harassment and retaliation.

Respect and order must prevail in the workplace in order to prevent acts of moral, economic and sexual harassment or situations that constitute pressure, intimidation or threats in the relationship between employees, interns, suppliers and / or service providers, regardless of their hierarchical level.

Just as we respect our external customers, we demand the same conduct from everyone in the internal customer versus internal supplier relationship.

Intellectual property

Group Macedo respects and complies with Intellectual Property laws, repudiating any form of violation of industrial property, copyright, trade and / or industrial secrets or improperly obtaining confidential information about products and services. Group Macedo employees, interns, suppliers or service providers may not reveal or encourage third parties to disclose or use any confidential information of the Macedo Group or third parties. This confidential information includes, but is not limited to: technical developments, confidential information from documents received from customers, business strategies, business plans, corporate structures, cost data and pricing information.

The Intellectual Property of the projects and plans developed by the Macedo Group are its property, except if provided for in a different way in specific contracts. The Macedo Group complies with the contracted obligations and provides services for which it is duly qualified and qualified, delivering what it undertakes to do with commitment and quality


The use of information classified as confidential must be exclusively for professional purposes, and it is prohibited to use it for your own benefit or for the benefit of third parties for a purpose other than that for which the information was disclosed / received.

All employees, interns, suppliers and service providers with access to confidential information must sign the Confidentiality Agreement to preserve the strategic information of the Macedo Group and / or its customers and guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the information obtained and generated in the performance of their duties activities.

The confidentiality of information is required of all of us at Group Macedo during and after the term of the contract that establishes the link with Group Macedo.

Conflict of interests

In a corporate environment, it is inevitable that some conflicts of different orders are identified.

With regard to the External Conflict of Interest, striving for an ethical and transparent relationship with our clients, once a possible conflict of interest is identified, clients must be immediately informed. Once the conflict was confirmed, we declined the proposal, thanking and informing the reason.

Anti-bribery practices

Gifts and gifts received in excess of 1/2 (half) of the current minimum wage must be immediately communicated to the manager so that they can be raffled among the company's employees or returned to the sender, in the case of gifts of significant value. In the event of a draw or a gift return, a standard thank-you letter should be sent.

It is forbidden to offer or receive any form of bribe or to perform any act of corruption (active or passive) in order to influence any public officer or public entities in order to obtain or maintain business for the Macedo Group, for itself or to third parties, in accordance with national and / or international anti-bribery or anti-corruption laws applicable to Apsis and / or its customers.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Macedo Group, in its dependencies and internal campaigns, encourages and counts on its collaborators in the preservation of the environment and in the recycling of materials.

The Macedo Group also encourages and counts on the participation of employees in social, environmental and voluntary practices, in order to promote the development of communities and the improvement in the quality of life.

Electronic information systems

The use of information classified as confidential must be exclusively for professional purposes, and it is prohibited to use it for your own benefit or for the benefit of third parties for a purpose other than that for which the information was disclosed / received.

The confidentiality of information is required of all of us at Macedo Group during and after the term of the contract that establishes the link with Macedo Group.

Use of the network, internet and e-mail

Using the network to store personal files is prohibited.

The exchange of messages, via e-mail, and access to the internet for personal matters is allowed, as long as they do not contradict internal rules and procedures and do not harm professional performance.

Harassment and harassment by other users, whether through the language used, frequency or size of messages, are prohibited.

Material of a pornographic and racist nature may not be exposed, stored on the network, distributed, edited or recorded through the use of the network's computational resources.

Attempts to obtain unauthorized access and any attempt to interfere with the services of any other user, server or network are not permitted.

Users are not allowed to change any setting defined by Macedo Group or disable security mechanisms.

We provide regularized software to all users and prohibit any use of “pirated” software.

All access to the internet and the Apsis network is subject to monitoring without prior authorization from users.

The Macedo Group may, at its discretion, generate reports of the sites accessed by users and, if necessary, arrange for the printing of the reports without this act constituting breach of confidentiality.


Macedo's Group employees are indistinctly responsible for ensuring that all guidelines and rules established in this Code are understood and put into practice.


Ethics Committee

This Code of Conduct is not exhaustive and deals with an extremely important matter for us.

Thus, the decisions to be made regarding its application, infraction and revision of its terms will be under the responsibility of the Ethics Committee. The Committee is formed by the Presidency of the Macedo Group as well as a representative from the following areas: Legal, Human Capital and Resource Management. To ensure impartiality, all representatives are appointed by the Advisory Board.


The Ethics Committee is responsible for evaluating the issues related to the Code impartially, investigating solutions to the occurrences that are brought to it and giving back to the complaints, when the identities are revealed. Members ensure compliance with the principles used.


Offenses and Penalties

Failure to comply with this Code will imply penalties according to the severity of the fact, and a warning, suspension or contractual termination may be applied.



The Portal has great articles, I love to read the wedding stories and learn about the tips that Brides give when they got married and lived this experience.

Dra. Mariana Fernandes, Doctor

I found great tips, inspirations and also the professionals I was looking for for my wedding. The articles help to clarify doubts that arise during the planning.

Dra. Rebeca Forthaus, Lawyer

The Supplier Guide is very complete, it is possible to find all types of services!

Larissa Morais, Architect