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All about the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Updated: Jun 6

wedding of Kim Kardashia and Kayne West

the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took place on May 14, 2014. The highly publicized wedding with rapper Kanye West took place at Forte di Belvedere in Florence. The two chose the place because it was there that they conceived their daughter North! The event had around 600 guests, including singers, celebrities from the fashion world, the Kardashian clan and Californian society.

Before all the luxury of the ceremony, Kim set up a bachelorette party that went down in history, with her sisters and friends at the Hôtel Costes, in Paris. On the eve of the ceremony, there was also a pre-wedding lunch hosted by Valentino Garavani at her home, Château de Wideville, on the outskirts of Paris. The bride, as expected, was wearing Valentino.

Kim looked stunning in the exclusive Givenchy all-lace, embroidered and appliquéd model, valued at around $500,000. The dress was said to be much more elegant than the ones from Kim's previous wedding. The veil was delicate and unadorned. Completing the look, Kim opted for light makeup and a loose hairstyle.

Groom Kanye West also opted for a Givenchy tuxedo. The Dash-Jenner were all in white. They were the bridesmaids and Kris carried little Nori in her arms. Bruce Jenner, today Caitlyn Jenner was in attendance and walked Kim down the aisle.

Rob, Kim's brother, did not attend the wedding and was the subject of much gossip and rumors on celebrity news sites. The news that passed behind the scenes said that the reason would have been an argument with Kim and Kris. There were also rumors that he was very depressed and did not want to appear in family photos.

About the details of the celebration, on the altar were thousands of roses and an exotic Mexican flower. The wedding cake cost around $5,000, had seven tiers and was filled with fruit.

The music was provided by Italian singer Andrea Bocelli as Kim walked down the aisle towards the altar.

To receive the guests, the choice was made for a single, immense marble table. Each guest name contained gold leaf. The table was too long and had to be lifted. The way it was placed, it was possible for the guests to contemplate the entire horizon of Firenze. Among the names of the guests were John Legend, Lana del Rey, among other celebrities who were closer to the couple, as they opted for a more intimate celebration. It is worth remembering that the couple rented jets, cars, a 5-star hotel and a day of beauty for all the guests.

After the ceremony, the bride exchanged the Givenchy dress for a Balmain model, which was more low-cut and also had an even looser hairstyle, to get into the party's relaxed atmosphere.

The festivities were attended by the caterers of the most chic restaurant in town and the menu was entirely based on Tuscan cuisine. Hundreds of bottles of Armand de Brignac champagne watered the celebration and John Legend rocked the party with his songs. At the end of the night, after more than 8 hours of partying, many fireworks were set off to celebrate one of the most famous weddings in recent times. After the celebrations, Kim and Kanye headed to Ireland for a mini-honeymoon.

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