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Beach Wedding: Ana Leticia and Luiz Augusto

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Beach Wedding

This Beach Wedding took place during Sunset at Toque Toque Pequeno Beach in South America. The Beach Wedding Decoration brought together everything that reminded the couple.

WEDDINGG - How did you meet each other?

Ana Leticia - We met in 2014 because of a mutual friend who decided to play the "cupid". We were born and raised in the same city, we had several friends in common, we went to the same places but we had never even met.

One fine day, Guto saw a picture of me on facebook with this mutual friend and went to ask her who I was. She told him, “Wow! Like I didn't think of that before. You are identical! Made of each other. I'll find a way to unite this couple! ”

From then on, this friend didn't settle down until she found a way to meet each other. He planned everything right until the first date happened. And she was right! We had countless affinities, and within days I found myself in love with his way. Intelligent, polite, responsible and affectionate. Guto is one of those rare jewels, hard to find. I'm a lucky woman!

WEDDINGG - How was the Marriage and Engagement Request?

Ana Leticia - With 2 years of dating, Guto bought an engagement ring on a trip with his mother. But no one knew and I least of all! Just both of them. He put the ring away and waited for the right moment.

On his birthday, July 26th, I had a surprise party for him with all his friends and arranged with my mother-in-law and father-in-law that, besides this little party, we would take a trip on the weekend after the birthday to a very romantic place ( the site of Uncle Cesinha, at the peak of Gavião-MG).

Early on the first day of the trip, in the late afternoon, we climbed to the peak, high on the mountain and sat away from everyone to watch the sunset (our favorite show). We stood there hugging, talking and feeling the AMAZING energy that had this place. In that romantic mega mood, the two hugging each other looking at that perfect look, Guto made the request: “- Love, I really wanted to thank the little party you made. I felt very dear, it was very special. But I missed one thing .... You have done so many good things to me, you have given me so many gifts, but the best gift, what I want most, you have not given me yet ... (I made a face: what?) Having you for the rest of my life! (took the box out of the backpack) Marry me ??? ”Well, I don't even have to tell the answer, right? We kissed and it was beautiful!

Observation: Detail is that the picture was taken by his sister who, unaware of the request, was taking a picture of sunset just in time. Oh luck!

WEDDINGG - What was it like planning the wedding and dealing with the doubts, wishes and hiring of professionals?

Ana Leticia - All the suppliers were fantastic. I strongly believe in the law of attracting energy from people. Everyone I chose to help me was like this: pure tuning! We went a little different way from my friends who were married. First, we made a spreadsheet to estimate the final value of the marriage. I've been looking

by various vendors on social networks and talking to brides who had used their services (for real feedback). I selected the ones that had the best references and got a budget estimate from each of them (I made at least 3 budgets for each item). After having this final value estimate, I closed the date with Barracuda and followed my hiring instinct.

First I chose the advisor that I felt most confident and had my way. This choice was very fast. As soon as we talked for the first time, I decided it would be her. Paula is practical, straightforward, experienced, and her way super combined with mine. And then, I was negotiating with the suppliers that I had the most affinity for and I also tried to align suppliers that had already worked together at some point. (This is, of course, essential! It's the secret to success. You have truly enjoyed every supplier. Not only as a professional, but as a person. That's what makes it all work out. suppliers and suppliers to each other makes everything happen as expected).

WEDDINGG - How did you feel on Wedding Day before it all started, and what did you think when you listened to the Entrance Song with the door still closed?

Ana Leticia - On their wedding day, Guto went early to his parents' house and I stayed at the inn to meet my friends who would get ready there. I stayed with them for a while and then I chose to spend the afternoon alone in my room in meditation while Idevan tidied me up. I was very quiet until I put on the dress (that story of the “after dress effect” is real! Laughs). My heart skipped a beat, my leg swayed and when I found my father to enter the ceremony, my God! It was pure emotion! At the same time that my mind and breath were extremely calm, my heart was beating very fast and my body was shaking wildly. My father looked me in the eye and said, "Daughter, hold tight to your father's hand, you look beautiful, the party is beautiful and everyone is waiting for you." And it was magical, unforgettable. I can feel the sensation just counting. During my entrance, the band played the beginning of the bridal march + I know I will love you (Vinicius de Moraes).

WEDDINGG - How was it for you to live this experience of getting married?

Ana Leticia - Getting married is an amazing experience. Anxiety before the wedding party is inevitable.

Especially before signing contract with suppliers. It's a new world, a lot of things are too expensive, and it's super insecure if it's really worth spending so much. And you wanna know? Worth a lot!! That old story that "marriage is the most important day of your life" is the true truth !! It is the most beautiful day of life! It has no explanation. It is surreal! All the good energy of the people you love goes back to the couple and it's amazing to receive it. It is an eternal memory.

In our case, we were very lucky because our parents got into the idea head on and helped us a lot with the expenses and the organization. This undoubtedly made many things possible. But I think it's worth a celebration, whatever it is. Does not matter. Just put all the love and affection, everything is beautiful !!!

What about married life ... Ahh! It's still wonderful! I think the main tip is to know how to respect each other's space, always have a lot of respect and companionship, and strive daily to make each other happy. Never let the madness of everyday life hinder us enjoy this love that united us.

WEDDINGG - Bride to Bride Tip?
Ana Leticia - Do everything you want and the way you always dreamed, with your face. And always remember the main reason for all this: the celebration of your love! Never forget that. So try to take this organization as lightly as possible. And on the day of the party, enjoy every second. Be open to receive all the good energy from those who are there for you and be very affectionate with your fiance. Don't divert focus: Celebrate love! The party is yours!

WEDDINGG - What did you come up with for the decoration of both the Ceremony and the Reception?

Ana Leticia - Our wedding had a chic hippie style. We made sure that everything was well integrated with nature and that people were comfortable. We wanted a rustic decor, but without losing the elegance of a wedding party. In addition to wooden tables covered only with runners (instead of tablecloths), the party had many lounges with sofas and some low tables with cushions (rather than chairs). This brought a lot of lightness and warmth. We wanted a dynamic party where guests could be in one place every hour without having to be tied to one table.

Mara (decorator) managed to leave the party with our face! She made a mural of hanging photos and spread frames all over the lounges. The idea was to give everyone a very different experience of getting in and enjoying “our world” just the way we like it.

Another detail is that I am very superstitious and we also wanted to bring this mystical footprint to the party. We used some Greek eyes that we brought from a trip to Turkey and India, various dream filters and Tsurus that I made myself with my family. Tsuru is a famous origami of a Japanese bird that represents longevity and full happiness. Legend has it that if one makes a thousand tsurus by mentalizing a wish, that wish will come true. And when I told Mara that we were making the tsurus, she loved the idea of ​​using them for decoration. The result was amazing!!

All of this led to our marriage a wonderful energy that everyone could feel. It was awesome!

Well, details abound! It is worth checking some pictures to understand a little more than I am talking about!

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