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Beach wedding decoration, trends and style by Mara Perez

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Beach wedding decoration

Many couples dream of marrying on the beach, with the sea of ​​landscapes and sandy feet. Each year the number of marriages on the coast increases. No wonder: the beach wedding is super romantic and beautifully decorated.

Speaking of decoration... The beach climate demands a super decoration. With this in mind, we write this special article with advice for those who wish to marry near the sea. In addition, we still talk to Mara Pérez, party architect and true beach celebrations expert.

Decorating tips

1) Use marine elements. Enjoying the wedding by the sea, you can enjoy using the salt water elements and decorate your ceremony. Shells, starfish and corals lend a sophisticated and at the same time original decoration.

2) Weddings on the beach request tents. A chupá (cover similar to the tent) is super elegant and with the face of party on the beach. The pacifier is usually made of wood and covered with cloth and foliage, symbolizing the altar and accommodating the bride and groom, the groomsmen and the priest (or whoever is celebrating this wedding).

3) Wooden chairs and benches coincide with the climate of the beach, in addition to accommodating guests and adapting perfectly to the area. Stylized cushions can be added to the seats, making the decoration even more distinctive and offering more comfort.

4) In the hallway to the altar you can use a simple carpet with a color palette that matches the climate of the beach, such as shades of green or blue. You can add leaves and flowers to the carpet.

Another option is to use a straw mat, which adorns a lot with this decoration.

5) Bamboo and kerosene lamps are excellent wedding options at the end of the afternoon.

6) The beach wedding is outdoors, right? So, the best advice is to choose a decoration that resists the wind and does not spoil the weather.

7) The most used colors are pastel colors. Let the colors be strong for small details.

8) Use and abuse suspended arrangements accompanied by foliage and small flowers.

Expert word

Mara Pérez is an architect and training artist and has always worked with interior decoration. He moved to the coast in search of quality of life and ended up specializing in party and wedding decoration. The specialist has been in the market for 12 years, serving Brazilian and foreign brides. We talked with Mara Pérez and discovered everything about wedding decoration. Take a look: “The choice of decoration should be made by the couple's personality and lifestyle. Reflecting the couple's lifestyle and personality, "Mara explained.

The expert also spoke about the wedding that features the decoration of her team: “In each project I try to combine elegance, harmony and common sense. I am concerned about the functionality of the project, thinking about the circulation of guests and the flow of services. Then comes the aesthetic part, which is the personality of the company for the project. And finally there are the details, surprising the guests with prizes and small details that make the party unique”, he said.

And, of course, Mara spoke about beach style decoration: “It all depends on the mood that the couple wants to give to the party, so we came up with a concept and we worked on it.

My work is personalized, so I first work on the client profile and then develop a project, respecting dreams and understanding how the bride and groom look on the beach concept. Some couples are more rustic and clean, others more sumptuous and have a beach for all tastes: from the style of Miami Beach to a rustic house in Ilhabela”, explained the expert.

Want to know more about decoration? Check it out here!

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