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Beach Wedding Invitations

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Beach Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are the first contact that guests have with the big day. It is essential, therefore, that these match the decoration of the party, with the personality of the bride and groom and send a pleasant message.

Tips for choosing wedding invitations on the beach

For classic brides, the traditional invitation can be adapted for the beach wedding including a simple graphic element, a discreet print or a themed monogram.

For brides looking for a more enhanced invitation, the graphic elements can be valued with more color and greater scale, stamping straps and envelope linings and or creating an impact with contrasts between the invitation and the envelope.

The more contemporary options run away from the use of a single graphic element in all stationery, developing several graphic elements to create varied patterns and monograms, combined with an extensive color palette and a repertoire of fonts.

The most daring brides can combine several resources in the same invitation, such as personalized illustrations combined with laser cutting and the use of fabrics, photography and watercolor.

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