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Bridal Hairstyles with Flowers

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Bridal Hairstyles with Flowers

There are many trends for brides, both for dresses, shoes, accessories, .... Much of what is used today has been in fashion for years and has returned with a new “dress”. Today we're going to talk about flowers in the hair, the origin of the accessory, tips on how to use it and much more. Check out!

Origin of flowers in hair

It is believed that the origin of the tradition of using flowers at weddings comes from the Roman Empire, where flowers were associated with female fertility. At the time, Roman brides were married in a white tunic and adorned all their braids with wreaths of flowers!

Since then, crowns have also been used during the 60s and 70s in the hippie, boho chic style. This accessory is no longer associated with fertility and is now used as a symbol of a cultural movement for young people.

Bridal Hairstyles with Flowers

Currently, flowers are used in a way that is much more related to romance than culture. Singer Lana Del Rey, for example, used the flower tiara as a vintage style and was praised by fans and stylists alike.

Flowers in hair for brides

Nowadays, many brides choose to wear a wreath, conveying even more delicacy, matching the style of the dress, the style of the wedding and even the environment, when it is more connected to the natural or the rustic-chic.

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Any bride can wear natural flowers in her hair, the shape and size will vary according to the time and degree of formality of the ceremonies.

If you are in doubt as to whether this accessory matches your wedding proposal, this style of accessory works super well in a ceremony on the beach or in the countryside, especially in the morning or in the afternoon.

For more informal weddings, brides opt for more funky flowers that match the wedding.

For the more traditional ones who are going to get married in church, for example, the flowers can be used in their natural state or in finer tiaras. For night ceremonies, the most suitable are those applied one by one to the bride's hairstyle.

Speaking of hairstyles.... From a more 70's style to the most modern, flowers combine super well. For more retro hairstyles, the recommended accessory is the headband type. For the most modern, stripped flowers in loose hair combine super well. Boho chic? Invest in a braid with a crown of flowers.

The dress that goes wonderfully well with crowns is the most relaxed one, with more fluid fabrics, an A-line silhouette or a more dry one. Short dresses are also beautiful, especially for those who want to get married on the beach. Lace also blends well with wreaths, as it has a texture that resonates with the flowers.

When in doubt, think about the style of the dress and the type of ceremony and match the hairstyle to them.

The size of the flower should vary according to the height of the bride. Tall women should opt for larger flowers and shorter ones for smaller flowers, always proportional to height and body type.

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