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Bridal veil

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Bridal veil

​If in the past the veil was used for specific purposes, such as protecting the bride from envy, evil spirits and other possible admirers, in addition to serving as protection against natural obstacles (sun, wind and even insects), today veils are considered props that complement the bride's look.

Bridal veil

There are several types of veils and the bride must find the one that best fits her personality, her dress, the purpose of the ceremony, among other points to be taken into account. Veils can vary between long, short, barred and voillets (covering the face partially or completely). There are also mantillas, which are entirely made of lace, super chic and traditional.

Bridal veil

Bridal veil

Talking with Karen Cappelletti. we were able to find out a little more about the trends in veils and mantillas, the latter of which are super hot and are breaking records in requests from brides: “Mantillas are back as a strong trend for brides in general. What used to be a desire only for traditional and romantic women, today covers the vast majority”, explained Karen.

The creative director also spoke about which are the trending shawls: “The famous traditional Spanish shawls, made entirely of lace with a heavier look, are not in great demand. The most desired are the packs made of tulle with hemming in French lace and appliqués, they are the most delicate and or with hemming in more robust lace with cord. They frame the bride's face and convey romanticism and glamour," said the expert.

Karen also talked about long veils, which are super in trend:

“Long veils are beautiful and are also in trend and favor women, as they elongate the silhouette. Currently, the most requested are the most delicate ones made of tulle with satin trim or embroidery with crystals and/or pearls.

She also spoke about each type of veil and how to use it: “The length of the veil should always be longer than the train of the dress to give elegance to the look. The long veil is classic and suitable for all bride profiles. The short ones, on the other hand, cut the silhouette, so we recommend it for taller brides and for ceremonies such as mini weddings and Vintage style weddings.

The voilllets with flowers are also a charm and look great for daytime weddings. If your dress is more clean, the bride can wear a crafted or embroidered veil, but if you choose a dress with a lot of information, such as exaggerated embroidery, flower relief, and a mix of materials, we recommend a more discreet veil, smooth or with delicate details. on the hem so that it doesn't conflict with the dress”, she advised.

And the mantillas?

“Mantillas are very elegant and traditional, currently indicated both for weddings in cathedrals and churches and for ceremonies in the countryside. Everything will depend on the model of the dress”, added Karen.

Want to know more about veils and mantillas? Want to know more about wedding looks? We can help you! Check out all the information you are looking for here on our page.

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