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Classic Wedding: Caroline and Raphael

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Classic Wedding

WEDDINGG - How did you meet each other?

Caroline - I lived abroad for 6 years, and after a long time I decided to try to live back in Brazil, at this time I decided that I wanted to go back to Europe to do post graduation, so my family asked me to spend the year with them at the Tivoli Resort in Bahia before leaving. On New Year's Eve I met Rapha at the party, who was also there on vacation with the family. It was instant, we met and soon fell in love, so I decided to stay in SP.

WEDDINGG - How was the Marriage and Engagement Request?

Caroline - After dating two years, we decided to buy an apartment together, but without even thinking about getting engaged or getting married. When we found the apartment that we thought was right for us, he was very moved and inside our future house he proposed to me. We then decided to make an engagement party official so that he would make the official request with our friends and family. It was a beautiful party during the day.

WEDDINGG - What was it like planning the wedding and dealing with the doubts, wishes and hiring of professionals?

Caroline - As soon as we had the engagement party, I hired Toda in White to advise my wedding. We wanted to get married in the Church, so before hiring the girls, we had already set the wedding date and booked Buffet Fasano mainly for logistical reasons. I didn't go to see many churches, we went straight to Our Lady of Brazil because it was the church we already attended, so I got a date where only we would get married that day. A week after I set the date, I booked Buffet Fasano because because it was the wedding at night, I wanted something close to the Church but didn't have much of a Buffet face, and Fasano offers it. A glass space with a beautiful garden, and at night with the lighting is very charming. I am an extremely practical person and this made it easy to choose the place. I did not want to risk getting married somewhere open, and hope not to rain or get cold or suddenly too hot! The doubts I had about the girls helped me a lot, they gave me a lot of tranquility, and brought solutions to my yearnings. All suppliers, wanted to meet in person and each of them gave me confidence, so I do not have much to talk about choosing the professionals. Everyone I hired, tested, got to know each other's work and was very pleased with the result.

WEDDINGG - How did you feel on Wedding Day before it all started, and what did you think when you listened to the Incoming Music with the door still closed?

Caroline - On the day I was anesthetized! We had a pre wedding with our guests from outside Brazil, and the moment was so unique and delicious that it made me forget the tension and anxiety. I woke up on my wedding day, as if I had already married. (laughs)

It was very quiet, and I think I was looking forward to getting to the party right away and enjoying the happiest day ever. Anxiety began to beat as I was on my way to church, at this point it was no longer me. Lol It was completely airy when I got out of the car, and I positioned myself to get in, tried to focus on enjoying that walk, and look at my fiance's reaction to see me, but everything was in vain .. I was so nervous that I don't remember the entrance but they say this is normal. (laughs)

WEDDINGG - How was it for you to live this experience of getting married?

Caroline - It was wonderful! The engagement period is stressful not for the party's organization, but for people's expectations, and it stressed me out. The question of "being engaged" seems to be your duty to be happy every day, flawless, perfect skin, perfect waist, and you cease to be a normal human being. When I broke free of these paradigms I enjoyed it more, and in my memory the most amazing experience of all was the "YES" moment. The ceremony is a unique experience that makes it worth every day of waiting.

WEDDINGG - Bride to Bride Tip?
Caroline - What I pass to my bridal friends is not to charge anything at this stage. There is no perfect party, perfect body, perfect music, there are two people who love each other and believe in marriage. Not to compare, not wanting a megalomaniac party for others to comment on the next day, the most important thing is to experience this phase with soul, and remember that each has a story, and in the end the important thing is to be happy! I think it's important not to lose your identity, and to think that this day 10, 15 years from now needs to make sense. Many brides forget that marriage is an act where two people become one, and so this day has such magic, no matter how different the bride, I think it's important to remember that marriage is a ceremony of souls (not to mention religious) because a lot of people aren't). And what makes a perfect marriage, is this energy between the couple that loves each other so much.

WEDDINGG - What did you have for the decoration of both the Ceremony and the Reception?

Caroline - The Ceremony I designed a mix decoration of white flowers, already at the reception asked Zé Antonio the color of the season. I wanted the well-flowered, garland-style buffet. I married in the winter, and because it was at night, I wanted the party to have a wedding look to it. Lots of flowers, aerials, and arrangements with plenty of green and mixed colors.

Classic Wedding

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