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Classic Wedding: Danielle and Dante

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Classic Wedding

This Classic Wedding took place in a Catholic Church and the Reception at the famous Hotel Unique. The white and pink wedding decor was delightful.

Weddingg - How did you meet each other?

Danielle - We met in October 2011 on a birthday of a mutual friend. The tune was great, we spent all the time together, it was as if we had known each other for years. But God planned our reunion only in July 2012, at a June party in Aruja, the city of the bridegroom. We feel again that we are made for each other, again we do not hang out all night long. In this second meeting, we could not let love pass again by our side and not hold on, and then our story began. We got engaged with 4 years and 7 months of dating and scheduled our wedding in exactly 1 year. In our relationship there is respect, friendship, companionship, dedication and most importantly, a lot of love.

Weddingg - How was the Marriage and Engagement Request?

Danielle - We got engaged in Miami, my favorite city, we were already planning to get married, because we had just bought our apartment, Dante is a very practical and unromantic person, bought the engagement ring on the same day of the request. But also very lucky, because it fit right in my finger.

Weddingg - What was it like to plan the wedding and deal with the doubts, wishes and hiring of professionals?

Danielle - I planned the wedding in 1 year, I prepared practically everything with my mother, Dante is very quiet what I decided was great, only attended the decoration meetings, bar and dj, I decided almost everything, just passed it on to him . The first thing I did, was hire the advice, hired the babi milk events, was for sure essential. Since I had been following this world of weddings a few years ago, through social media and other media, I already had in mind how I wish our day was, so it wasn't difficult.

Weddingg - How did you feel on Wedding Day before it all started, and what did you think when you listened to the Incoming Music with the door still closed?

Danielle - I felt very happy and fulfilled. Everything was as planned and dreamed, it was a wonderful day. When I was with my dad waiting for the door to open I was a little nervous and anxious enough to meet the love of my life.

Weddingg - How was it for you to live this experience of getting married?

Danielle - It was a unique and wonderful day, me and Dante are a couple of very attuned, we love to have fun and celebrate with friends, if I could, I would definitely marry him every year.

Weddingg - Bride to Bride Tip?
Danielle - Be calm, at first it seems that nothing will work out, this is because we get very anxious when we start planning our wedding, but over time things start to flow, and everything that you always dreamed comes true, do not miss it time fighting with your fiance or your parents, after all they are the ones who matter on that date. Relax and enjoy, enjoy, trust and let your staff take care of all the details for you, that's why they're on our side this year. And be very happy.

Weddingg - What did you have for the decoration of both the Ceremony and the Reception?

Danielle - About the decoration for the ceremony I opted for light and neutral tones, white with green, I wanted a ceremony that was classic and elegant, and it was exactly that. And for reception I opted for the modern style, I wanted something that surprised the guests, I think I managed to achieve my goal. For me every detail of the wedding was very important.

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