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Classic Wedding Decoration Style by Renata Chapchap

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Classic Wedding Decoration

Most beginners have opted for traditional decoration because it is considered extremely elegant. In addition, the classic is easier to correct than composing other elements in a sophisticated way.

For this style, the decoration should be classic, following white as the base color. Salmon, beige, nude and plain tones are the ideal palettes for traditional decoration. On the tables, the brightness of the glass, the cubicles and the porcelain space are shared with discrete strips of roses and candles.

Expert word

Renata Chap Chapas is a reference for wedding decoration, developing sophisticated designs for the special day. Newbies enjoy each of the details chosen by this renowned professional, whose main motto is to always offer quality work. All the elements are designed to satisfy the clients' desire and guarantee a scenario that will remain in the member's memory for themselves.

Renata Chapchap

“It is a great responsibility and also a challenge. There is no second chance”, explains the professional.

Graduated from the School of Pan American Art, Renata Chapchap worked for years as an assistant in a famous interior decoration workshop, where she began to develop elaborate projects for parties and weddings. As a result of the company, a friend who helped her with the decoration of her wedding, the result was the most anticipated: all the compliments to the guests, who ordered professional projects.

Today, Renata Chap hats are a reference in the stages of the main events, ensuring that everything is perfect for this day as the newlyweds expected. Some celebrations marked the return of how it arrived in 2011. “We had a wedding in 2011, where the flowers used in the decoration were dehydrated and directed in monochrome tones. We launched a trend that was very copied, which was remarkable for us”, says Renata.

Who is Renata Chapchap? Watch the full interview!

Classic wedding decoration according to Renata Chap Chap

The professional explains the concept of classic style: each classic is eternal! Here is a meal, a house, a car, a joy. Every good design, old and modern, becomes a classic”,says Renata.

When you think it is traditional for the wedding, explain that it is necessary to gather elements of good quality: good furniture, chandeliers and well-designed lamps.

Floral strips provided and well executed in tones and colors that converge well with each other. As for its decoration palette, Renata Chap Chap states that the colors closest to natural pigments are the most appropriate for this style. "Raw, pale, green and brown roses are not exhausting and the next classic," Renata explains.

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