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Classic Wedding: Glenda and Everton

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Classic Wedding: Glenda and Everton

This Classic Wedding took place in a Catholic Church and the Reception was for 300 guests at the Yatch Club. The White Wedding Decoration is charming and was signed by Rubens.

WEDDINGG - How did you meet each other?

Glenda - We met at a bar opening! He actually saw me, and got my phone from a friend of mine! But only sent msg after a while, and unfortunately his (or ours) I was living outside Brazil at that time !!! We chatted on MSN for about 4 months until we met! He was great, he spent hours and hours with me online and as I was alone there, without family, friends, made me a lot of company! I think I fell in love with him at those times! When I decided to go back to Brazil came the opportunity to leave and it was very natural. In less than 1 month we were dating, too, after 4 months dating online practically!!!! (laughs)

WEDDINGG - How was the Marriage Proposal and the Engagement?

Glenda - The request was amazing, we had been talking about marriage for a while and we were seeing an apartment to live in, but the request officially did not happen! That was a taboo subject for me because I didn't want to talk about marriage until the official request was made... (laughs)

For several moments I thought it would be and wasn't, but in the end it was as perfect as it could be! It was on a Saturday, June 20th, 2015, we had a 15th birthday party of my parents' friends daughter. Everton said we had dinner before, and I didn't understand anything but I didn't contradict! Anyway I got ready and we went to dinner.

On the way he said he had to go to our apartment (we had taken the keys in those days), because he had forgotten something there and needed to get it! Until that moment I had not suspected anything and confess that I was even a little annoyed that he wanted to pass the apartment, because there was nothing was on the floor! I only know that he left me in the garage waiting a while and then asked me to go upstairs.

As I headed toward the elevator I began to suspect that something was strange, and on the floor, I opened the door, and there he was on his knees, with the ring, theme song Beauty and the Beast, candles, balloons, photos, champagne, dinner and everything! I couldn't stand it and started crying, and the most beautiful thing was that he said "Since our life is going to start here, so I thought it should all start here. Will you marry me?" It was perfect, the way I dreamed, just the two of us! In the photos to see how much I cried, I'm all blurry ....

The engagement was on November 29, 2015! I left a space of time because soon after the request went to travel and could not organize everything! We had lunch at my house inside, the priest who always accompanies us made a blessing in our Chapel and called only the closest friends and our families! It was a wonderful afternoon full of love and affection!

WEDDINGG - What was it like planning the wedding and dealing with the doubts, wishes and hiring of professionals?

Glenda - Planning the wedding was very difficult at first! The worst part was aligning my expectations with those of the groom, those of families! But in the end I took the lesson, do not despair that everything works! I think the most important thing is to set the Budget and the Wedding List, so you can get down to earth and go after things you can do, it's no use comparing yourself to anyone, each marriage is unique, each Bride is unique! A valuable tip, chose something (whatever the cake model) stop looking for, this wedding world is wonderfully disturbing, we pick one thing and after two days see on a blog something else entirely and be in doubt, so Think, I chose the best and it will be beautiful!

About the professionals, thank God I had the help of a great advice and it ended up facilitating the time of choices, so look for professionals who have been in the market for a long time, have references, sometimes the cheapest is not always the best, because you end up spending twice! Some professionals I did not even quote second because I already knew I wanted him, for example the Video that was a very important thing for me!

WEDDINGG - How did you feel on Wedding Day before it all started, and what did you think when you listened to the Entrance Song with the door still closed?

Glenda - Amazingly, I was very quiet on the day, I had a massage, and I spent the bride's day with my mother and a dear aunt (I didn't want much mixed energy)! I even say that in the video, I think I planned my wedding day so much that when I arrived I was calm, I knew everything was the way I wanted! It was really nice to leave the hotel and make your way to the church, people treat you with great affection, bride looks like an entity! (laughs)

I confess that minutes before entering my heart was coming out of my mouth, my hand was shaking, and I froze a smile to enter! I chose the Bridal March because my wedding was very traditional, and I have no regrets, it was wonderful! The march was wonderful, entering the church with my father was a dream come true!

WEDDINGG - How was it for you to live this experience of getting married?

Glenda - I confess that I lived the experience fully! It was a wonderful time to be engaged, now I miss you! I wanted all the events I was entitled to, so it started with the marriage proposal, then the engagement, had a bachelorette party with 25 friends, had lingerie tea, had bridal shower, had civil marriage and finally the wedding! Look I do not regret anything, would do all the events again, it was wonderful to feel the affection of everyone with me and especially Everton enjoying everything with me!

WEDDINGG - Bride to Bride Tip?
Glenda -Brides enjoy every moment of the organization, from the choice of dress-proof candy, to involving people you love in the process, it will be forever stored in your mind and theirs! And if I could give you one more advice, besides worrying about organizing everything, don't forget the love of your life, and the real meaning of marriage, this is what will end in the end!

WEDDINGG - What did you have for the decoration of both the Ceremony and the Reception?

I always wanted a classic wedding! So it was not too difficult in decoration! I wanted something that when I looked at the photos I didn't regret, it was timeless!

The ceremony was something that I took care of, I made the whole celebration with dear Archbishop Dom Odilo, I put little books for people to accompany the mass and tears of joy. For the decoration I wanted something light, and all my life I wanted milk cups!

So the dear professionals of Rubens Decorações managed to translate exactly what I wanted and made all the way from the church with pots of various sizes with glasses of milk, it was a very minimalist and delicate decoration, the type less is more! It had everything to do with me!

For the reception who helped me was the staff of Renato Aguiar. We also prioritize the white with shades of green, because as my wedding was on the yacht, there is very classic there and already has a wonderful atmosphere, this helped a lot, because the place itself has a lot of green and a garden that is wonderful!

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