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Classic Wedding: Sarah and Luiz Felipe

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Classic Wedding

WEDDINGG - How did you meet and how was the marriage proposal?

Sarah - "We met in 2005, when I started Advertising. We lived on opposite sides of the city, but with mutual friends we met as soon as I entered college. The marriage proposal came the day we were 7 years old dating.

He took me to dinner in a very romantic place, we kept the secret of the engagement until he officially asked my hand to my whole family a few days later. It was very exciting as everyone waited for this moment. "

WEDDINGG - What was it like to plan a wedding and deal with doubts, yearnings and also with the hiring of professionals?

Sarah - "I was always very decided on how I wanted my party, especially the style of decoration, always wanted a mix between the traditional and the modern. With the help of my advisors and my mother who already knew some suppliers, this process it was super quiet since I had some of the best professionals on the market. "

WEDDINGG - How did you feel on Wedding Day before it all started and what did you think when you listened to your Input Music with the door still closed?

Sarah - "During all the preparations I was a super quiet bride, but along with the big day comes the nervousness and excitement. Before the church doors opened, I felt numb, the excitement of being married to the person I love and entering in the church next to my father was very big. "

WEDDINGG - How was it for you to live this experience of getting married?

Sarah - "It was the happiest day of our lives. We had the opportunity to realize our dream with family and friends that were so important to us, after all that, I felt complete, fulfilled and grateful."

Classic Wedding

WEDDINGG - Bride to Bride Tip?
Sarah - "Liking every detail, every meeting, are many moments close to people who love and care about you. Worry and anxiety are inevitable feelings for any bride, but the joy of these moments must be much stronger than any nervousness. , even because in the end everything works out! No matter how big and large the party is, what counts is the happiness and memories that this moment brings to the couple. "

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