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Colorful Bridal Bouquet

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The bridal bouquet is a way to represent the bride through the bride. Going the classic route, i.e. white roses, is sometimes not the best way to represent the bride's style and also doesn't suit the wedding in general. A way to get out of the traditional without losing charm and beauty is to opt for colorful flowers. Colorful flowers in bridal bouquets are becoming more common and more desired.

Colorful Bridal Bouquet


​A bold but tasteful choice is not to choose just one color, but many. The most popular models have similar colors such as: Red, Pink, Orange, Purple and Blue. It is important to follow a pattern to create a homogeneous bouquet, these bouquets also feature different colors and different types of flowers. The types of flowers most used in these models are: Tulips, Begonia, Hyacinth, Rose and Gerbera.

Light and dark tones

​Another trend among colorful bridal bouquets is the use of light and dark tones of the same color. This is a bold choice but not far from the norm. It combines very well with the idea of an elegant wedding, in a controlled environment or it can also have a more relaxed atmosphere, ideal for weddings on the beach and outdoors. Depending on the type of flower you choose will determine the tone of your look, if you opt for roses, which are more classic flowers, your look will be more elegant. If you opt for simpler flowers, you will follow an alternative path. Shades of blue are used a lot.

Colorful Bridal Bouquet

pastel tones

​In recent years, pastel tones have made a lot of space within fashion. They bring a more vintage and retro feel. Following the path of pastel tones for bridal bouquets, you can make two choices. The multicolored one, which unlike the first one, won't be as flashy and the other option is just a pastel color that will be more restrained and elegant.

​The choice of both paths are different but do not completely escape the traditional and beautiful. Pastel colors are recommended for weddings with a more casual tone, which are not done in a very serious environment. The choice of a pastel tone for a flower bouquet has to match the bride's personality. The types of flowers used in this model are generally artificial, however, it is possible to find artificial flowers very similar to the real ones with pastel colors.


​A very different solution for colorful bridal bouquets is to use colors that are opposite. For art, colors that are opposite in the chromatic circle are, in a way, harmonic. Choosing colors that come in contrast is a good choice to maintain elegance. A very good choice for example is to use red roses and lots of green foliage. Using the same type of flower in different colors is also a good choice. Widely used contrast palettes: Yellow and purple; orange and green; blue and pink.

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