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Cristina Tamborero Wedding Dress Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Ah, the wedding dresses. How beautiful they are. They are more than clothes, but they are fabrics that tell stories. How important they are! When choosing the ideal dress, brides may be confused, not knowing where to start and what references to look for. If you're a minimalist bride, who doesn't do without elegance and sophistication, you must meet Cristina Tamborero.

Coleção de Vestido de Noiva Cristina Tamborero 2021

Cristina Tramborero

At just 30 years old, this young fashion designer has been an inspiration to brides and professionals alike. With a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Ramón Llull University, Cristina graduated in Fashion Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design, when she started producing history: wedding dresses that are true works of art.

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Cristina Tamborero was born in the city of Barcelona (Spain), where she specialized in custom-made wedding dresses and party dresses. For her, finishes and details are of paramount importance. She says her work is “a way to make dreams come true simply with a thread, needle and thimble”.

Cristina Tamborero's first collection

Her first bridal collection, My Day, is a profusion of delicacy and femininity. The dresses mix natural elegance and sophistication. Cristina divided the collection into three types of clothes for three very important moments: the ceremony, the first waltz and the honeymoon.

Fabrics are always of the highest quality, such as tulle and silk. Embroidery has perfection in every detail. The dance dresses are inspired by the 1920s, with their carefree fringes and manicured jewelry. Its Red Carpet collection is also enchanting: elegance is transmitted in each of the pieces, from long and short dresses and even overalls. Red is the main protagonist of the collection.


It was the first show of the 27th edition of the Barcelona Bridal Week in which the bride and the guest shared the same space - very peculiar to brands that include made-to-measure party outfits.

With the signature Cristina Tamborero, both brought under their skin the sobriety and fluidity of the Hudson River - a theme of the collection that also rescued the modern essence of New York, the city of skyscrapers.

Crystal crowns and capes were additional to Cristina Tamborero's 2018 collection. The bride's silhouette covered with vaporous fabrics, such as muslin, lent romanticism to the modernity of more structured pieces, which concentrated the focus of the adornments on the upper part. Silk mikado and crepe were the highlights of the collection, perfect choices for a bride like New York: authentic and cosmopolitan.

Cristina Tamborero 2021

Cristina Tamborero 2020

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