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The Most Famous Wedding Waltzes: Timeless Tunes for Your First DanceThe most famous Wedding Waltzes

The most famous Wedding Waltzes

Already organizing a wedding, the new ones must choose the DJ, the band and the choir that will make the soundtrack for this special day. But even with the best music professionals, the playlist must be chosen (less approved) by the couple, who must choose songs related to the couple's history and personality.

There is the music for the procession, the music for the entrance of the church, the opening song of the dance floor, the music of the first graduation dance of the novices, the music of the graduation dance with their priest, etc.

Of all the songs to choose from, I wanted the waltzes (waltzes) to be the most difficult of the couple, who can know which song to choose. After all, waltz is a classic, but Many of them are unknown to the couple.

With this in mind, we have separated here a list of the most famous waltzes for marriage. If this is the dance of the novices or the novice who dances with the priest, the selection we have much more but married at the wedding.

Do you want a bribe? Look for one, listen carefully, feel the emotions they offer to the waltz and the elego what convinces, decides, what he imagines dancing and perfecting a special day.

The list with the most famous waltzes for weddings

The Blue Danube Waltz – J. Strauss II

Valse de Fleurs – Tchaikovsky

Valse de Coppelia – Delibes

Kaiser Waltz Op.437 – J.Strauss II

Cukoo Polka – J.Strauss

Aragonaise – Carmen Bizet

Sleeping Beauty Waltz - Tchaikovsky

Spanish Dance nº 21 – Swan Lake – Tchaikovsky

Rose from the South Waltz - J. Strauss II

Frühlingsstimen Waltzer - J. Strauss II

Barcarolle – Les Contes D’Hoffmann – Offenbach

Radetzky March – J. Strauss I

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