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Trends for Flower Girls Dress and pages

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Trends for ladies and pages

Trends for wedding dresses, the groom's suit, the decoration, the menu, the drinks, the music track... Planning a wedding involves thinking about each of these items and taking them into account of these trends.

Among everything that is prepared for the wedding, trends for girls and pages are also essential points, after all, they are super important parts of this special day.

It is with this in mind that we write this article telling you what are the main trends for young and small who will enter your marriage. Check it!

Trends for girls

The flower girl's dress must, of course, be in line with her wedding proposal and her wedding style. The aspect you choose for small should allude to your appearance, but be careful: do not confuse the allusion with the exact reproduction! Nothing that makes her use a model thumbnail of your choice is different people, different ages and different proposals.

Trends for girls this year point to a more stripped look, which makes the girl look feminine. The most seen elements in the girls' dresses were tulle and lace, both worn in a more childish but elegant way.

As for the duration, this may vary according to the wedding time: while the shorts are more suitable for the day, the lengths can be used at any time. However, what has proven to be essential for girls is the famous midi, that length of "half body" that goes just before the shin and lets the shoe appear. At the same time, elegant and informal, it adapts well at any time and still prevents the woman from tripping over the long dress.

And for brides who love a retro atmosphere and bet on a vintage-style wedding, the little bolerinhos are back in the girls' looks. Flower garlands are super tall and can be used for both day and night weddings. But the must have are the natural flowers, so escape the artificial ones. Both the crown and the bouquet of flowers have appeared with natural arrangements, combining the color between them and also adorning with their bridal bouquet. When in doubt, a good way out is if you or the girls have a monochromatic bouquet.

Trends for pages

The retro style is also back for the pages, which have appeared with shorts, suspenders and even berets. This super look suits day weddings, and can also be complemented with a white shirt, white socks and bow tie. In the feet? Tying shoes are a drag and complement the vintage style. If your wedding does not match the retro style, invest in other trends on the page: the look of children's shoes, more specifically All Star. The model, which has been a cult for a long time, has taken over the altar at the wedding more luxurious, that give a lot of charm and a touch of cockerel that has fallen very well.

Remember that children should accompany their own boyfriend's clothes or groomsmen, from the suit to the coat. This makes it difficult to make mistakes.

The trend in the entry of the girls and the pages is that they are surprising the guests who wear an accessory. They can be teddy bears, dolls, toys or any complement that combines with the wedding, the little ones and the couple.

In addition to these accessories, the plates are also super high. They can be as cute with phrases like "now a dream begins," "from now on forever." Another option is the classic phrases like "Here comes the bride". But what is more popular are the little funny signs like "finally" or "this is your last chance to get away". The choice will depend on the wedding proposal and the style of the bride and groom.

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