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Galia Lahav Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Coleção de Vestidos de Noiva Galia Lahav

When it comes to marriage, the dress is one of the main “concerns” of women. Here we always talk about bridal fashion designers and their trends. Today we are going to talk about Galia Lahav. Check out!

About Galia Lahav

The history of the Russian designer's brand began more than 30 years ago, when the designer decided to combine her artistic gifts with her passion for sewing. After founding the brand, the designer established the brand's headquarters in Tel Aviv, in Isarel.

Today, her models can already be purchased in several countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, England. Recently, Galia Lahav founded a store in Curitiba, here in Brazil: Veridiane White – a store that belongs to the Veridiane Noivas Group. The prices of Galia's creations vary between R$25,000 and R$60,000.

The Brides of Galia Lahav

The woman who wears Galia Lahay is the one looking for something untraditional and extravagant. Whoever wears a dress from the brand appreciates the small details and is not afraid to dare.

Galia Lahav 2022

Galia Lahav 2021

Galia Lahav 2020

Galia Lahav 2019

Galia Lahav appears with news at this year's Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. For the first time, the stylist presents her two collections during the event in Barcelona: Gala N. IV, her prêt-à-porter line, and Couture, her Haute Couture line.

Gala N. IV: The prêt-a-porter line had a lot of delicacy and femininity of the boho style, combined with a more youthful and urban touch of the modern bride. The dresses appeared with straight cuts and mermaid train, lots of tulle, embroidered crystals and a strong presence of whipped cream lace. Glitter dots are Galia's trademark, appearing on almost every dress regardless of line and style.

In this presentation, the stylist left nothing to be desired with eccentric models that exuded an urban and contemporary atmosphere, perfect for the modern bride. Original modeling and strategic cutouts were accompanied by lots of transparency, infinite necklines, and visible backs (always present in his creations) and decorated with tulle embroidered with gemstones or lace.

The more boho models were presented with romanticism and originality thanks to the use of authentic guipir and crochet weaves, in addition to the laces that adorned the fake cutouts of some models.

Couture: The second part of the show was marked by a little more extravagance and sophistication (without losing the delicacy) of the Couture collection. The models will appear with more volume, lace, tulle, as well as pleated skirts that guarantee the air of a fairy tale.

Delicate organza dresses, combined with the luminosity of silver details and Swarovski crystals, gain presence, which, alongside the tulle, yield a set of sparkles. Crystals also appeared in veils and illusion necklines.

Beside the silver, bluish and pink tones were highlighted. Some models appeared with covers built into the shoulder. The puffed sleeves of the Victorian style were also present with different variations and details: julienned sleeves, lace wrists and a lot of lightness; as well as the high collars that stand out from the traditional when they wear lace and pearl.

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