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Honeymoon in Germany

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Honeymoon in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular European countries to travel, especially for honeymooners. The country is remembered for the great wars, however, the country is currently a reference.

In terms of social promotion Germany is a perfect destination for those looking for a quieter, more fun and diverse trip. With exquisite cuisine and fantastic hotels, Germany is one of the most sought after destinations for honeymooners. We will give you some suggestions of what to do in the country.

Romantic route

 Most travel agencies offer the romantic route as an option for newlyweds, the route is planned in some tourist spots for a part of the country's extension, the route is about 325 km. The trip has as its highlight the contact with the natural beauty of Germany and also with the historical monuments of the country, such as the castles that will be visited. Let's look a little more about the main stops of the romantic route through Germany:

• Neuschwanstein Castle: it is known that the castle inspired Cinderella Castle, it really is a fairytale castle. They are charming and have a unique air because of their proximity to nature, that is, forests and rivers. The castle is a tourist hotel today.

• City of Augsburg: it is the second oldest city in Germany, enters the romantic route for its unique architecture dating from 15 a. C. The city has sources known throughout the world as the source of Hercules.

• Nordlingen City: it is a town that is still protected by walls, it is a very quiet place but with an award-winning kitchen. In addition to ancient architecture and very romantic weather.

• Rothenburg ob der Tauber city: it is a city that has the characteristic immersion in the past, the whole city is built as it was a few centuries ago. She is very interesting for those who love to know the cultures.

• City of Weikersheim: the city is basically built around the Rittersaal castle, one of Germany's main castles. He is gigantic.

• City of Würzburg: the last stop of the romantic route, is a city that has emblematic monuments, is full of history, both ancient and modern. If the romantic route is not to your liking, the country offers almost endless possibilities for fun and tourism. If you are looking for a more modern trip, such as visits to luxury restaurants, interesting bars and cultural events, the best option in the city is undoubtedly Berlin, the capital of the country. In addition, we will show you other popular honeymoon destinations in Germany.

• Berlin Cathedral: the cathedral is a reference in architecture, dates from around 1905. It is very popular among tourists due to its proximity to the meters and is always on tourist bus routes.

• Unter den Linden Boulevard in Berlin: this is the main street in Berlin, where you will find several places of interest, such as the State Opera, the Guggenheim Museum, the Berlin Cathedral and the amazing Humboldt University. And you can also find restaurants, shops, bookstores and, of course, bars and cultural destinations.

• Potsdamer Platz in Berlin: it is a shopping experience with a phenomenal architecture, all in a unique futuristic style. It is a unique place.

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