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How to calculate quantity of wedding invitations by Andrea Nocera

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

How to Calculate Quantity Invitations by Andrea Nocera

Wedding invitations are the first contacts that guests have with the big day. This is how to spread the word about the date, time, place and what the big event will be like.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to deadlines and the amount of invitations, knowing how to deal with setbacks and warning guests with time off. Today we talked to Fernando Nocera, from Atelier Andréa Nocera, who told us all about wedding invitations.

Expert word: How to calculate quantity of wedding invitations

Fernando Nocera started by telling us about calculating the number of Wedding Invitations and what should be understood as necessary: ​​“Making the guest list is not an easy task. Many questions arise. The first step is to evaluate the chosen location. We have to assess whether the church and / or hall holds all the people who go to the wedding. We have to think as carefully as possible as it is very important that the guests are comfortable on this day. After that, I suggest starting to build the list by going downhill from there. I recommend that the couple make the list separately and remember that parents will also have their own guests, ”he explained.

“Given all this, it's time for everyone to sit together and evaluate possible cuts. Unfortunately this will be necessary to avoid breaking the budget or exceeding the space limit. With the list ready in hand, break it up by families and have the right amount of invitations they'll need.

We recommend placing 15 to 20% more per guarantee, ”he added.

And when you start delivering invitations: “I advise all guests to receive invitations 30 to 60 days before the wedding. If guests are from other states, I advise deliver 60 days in advance so that they can organize themselves calmly. If the couple has guests from other countries, it is ideal to deliver at least 90 days in advance. So I suggest you buy the invitations 6 months in advance, ”he explained.

Fernando also told us about the most appropriate types of paper for wedding invitations: “The paper used will depend greatly on the type of wedding. For classic or traditional weddings, I suggest whites or off white with very delicate textures. Even glossy papers can be used. For country or beach weddings, we use more rustic looking, textured papers. In these cases we do not usually use glossy paper. For the boldest couples, we have a lot of beautifully colored dark papers, ”he said.

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