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How to greet guests at a wedding reception

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

How to Greet Guests by Ana Julia Figueiredo

The bride and groom want a super special and unforgettable wedding, of course. What's more, the couple wants to enjoy the party to the fullest. Among all the details to be thought out to avoid wedding time concerns, it is important to decide on how the greeting will happen to the guests.

Go from table to table? Do general microphone greeting? What will be the chosen way of thanking the friends and family present? Well, beforehand we can say that everything will depend on the ceremony proposal, the number of guests, the size of the event and other details. To clarify further, here we separate the two main forms of greeting and talk to Ana Julia Figueiredo, event advisor who can help us find the best way to greet your guests.

How to greet guests at a wedding reception:

Greet each table: This is the best known and most used way for the bride and groom, who will pass all the tables to greet the guests. This can work well as long as the number of people attending the event is not extravagant, otherwise the process will be very long and tiring for the couple.

The greetings session should begin shortly before dinner begins, when everyone is already seated at the tables. Throughout the session the bride and groom should stay together and be accompanied of the video and photo guys.

How to greet guests at a wedding reception

Microphone Thank You: Microphone thank you is indicated when the number of guests is extravagant and when the couple already have intimacy as a microphone, after all, filming and photos will take place at this time and the couple should know how to handle the situation with elegance.

If grooms opt for microphone greeting, the tip is to avoid speaking those phrases like "feel hugged and kissed" because it can make a bad, impersonal impression. Another tip is to say that they will greet the guests throughout the party, so everyone can receive thanks without having to pass all the tables.

Extra Option: There is also the option to greet during the cocktail party. This thank you is practical and suitable for parties with up to 150 guests. How it works? The event must include a separate dining cocktail area, where guests will join the cocktail party and the bride and groom will circle the area thanking those present.

In this case, the tip is to match the photo and video people about the route to be traveled, thus avoiding confusion and all will be photographed and filmed. At the end of the greetings, the couple withdraws from the lounge and guests move into the dining area.

There are other ways to greet guests, it will all depend on the proposal of the wedding, the number of people present, the profile of the bride and groom and a number of wedding details.

Expert word

Ana Julia Figueiredo specializes in advising and producing events, with a team willing to work hard to make this day even more special.

Talking with Ana Julia, we could find out the best way to thank the guests: “For more intimate weddings, the bride and groom can greet the guests without having to resort to the microphone. For weddings with more than 250 people present, there is even the possibility that parents greet guests so that the couple can enjoy the party, ”he explains.

She further clarifies that advice is very important at this time and for all wedding planning:

“Having a good advisor ensures that the grooms will have the best for each wedding's profile, as well as more peace of mind to follow through on the commitments beyond that marriage, ”says Ana Julia.

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