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How to plan a wedding by Roberto Cohen

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Arranging the wedding by Roberto Cohen

A successful marriage depends on the organization of both the engaged couple and the hired ceremonialist. So, here we leave some organization tips and still talk to Roberto Cohen, ceremonialist who has already attended major celebs.

Tips for wedding organization

First and foremost, look for wedding sites that offer pertinent information that can help you through this exciting yet delicate process. We here at WEDDG are ready to offer the knowledge you need.

In addition to the content portals, you can also search for sites that help publicize the ceremony, including the location of the party, links to sites with the gift list and other information such as these. Be sure to check if the site is really reliable.

Another important point is to make a schedule detailing everything that should be done each month, in addition to the expenses involved in the wedding. Speaking of expenses ... Also make a spending spreadsheet, budgeting an expense forecast so that wedding planning is really effective. Our tip is to divide into four columns: products / services; total price; number of installments; and payday.

Another very important detail is the planning of the guest list, which should be done very carefully, as it is one of the main factors of cost definition. The list can start with the closest people, and then the most distant relatives, parents' friends, and co-workers. The calculation of the number of guests should consider that 10% to 20% of guests do not attend the wedding on average.

Arranging the wedding by Roberto Cohen

Expert word

We talked to Roberto Cohen, a successful ceremonialist who can help us understand a little more about wedding planning. Great figures of the Society have passed through his hands, such as Carolina Dieckmann, Kelly Key, Zeca Pagodinho, Latino, Fatima Bernardes and William Bonner, Mario Lucio Vaz, Livia Rossi, Kaka Bueno, Marcelo Serrado and many others.

Roberto said about his differential: “I treat each marriage as if it were the first and I seek a unique DNA for each one. This way, my events have the personality of my clients and not mine, ”he said.

“My organization is initially based on a long interview so that I can profile the client: Modern, Romantic, Technological, Independent or not, etc. From there I draw a schedule of closings and depending on the client I offer options of professionals or discuss the options brought by them. All meetings thereafter are guided by the checklist, a work tool that helps me not to let any detail go unnoticed ”, added about his work.

Then Roberto talked about the care that the couple must take when organizing the wedding: “Wedding is a live show without dress rehearsal. What does not go as planned has no repair! So the greatest care in my view is to surround yourself with people who give you tranquility and security so that they can enjoy the big day as guests of honor! ”, He explained.

“A well-organized list helps scale everything perfectly! Then think of Hot Food, Cold Drink, Top Quality Music, and Infrastructure that Give You the Comfort You Want (maneuver, safety, cleanliness, climate control) So you can't go wrong! ”, he pointed out about the importance of the organization for the wedding.

And finally, we leave a golden tip: “Think like guests! Do not do to your guests what you would not want them to do to you! So the chances of wrong choices become much smaller! ”, He advised.

Want to know more about wedding arrangements? Always check out our special articles on the subject.

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