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Inmaculada Garcia Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Inmaculada Garcia | Vestido de Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

It's time to start preparations for the wedding and the wedding dress is one of the most outstanding items for women, after all, who doesn't want to look beautiful on that special day?!

The chosen model needs to match the bride's style, the wedding proposal, the time and place of the ceremony, in addition to being something unique and unforgettable.

One of the essential references for every woman looking for a wedding dress is the Catalan catwalk icon Inmaculada García.

The designer revolutionized her Collection, bringing exquisite fabrics and materials that refer to purity. In fact, Purity is the name of the new collection, inspired by the lightness of the fabrics, the beauty of the design and the elegance as absolute trends.

Inmaculada Garcia | Vestido de Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

The brand's fashion show showed a fusion of elegance, fabrics and, above all, innovation. The new collection brought back very feminine lines combined with exquisite details and the best accessories to give it a glamorous note.

To compose the looks, earrings and bracelets filled with stones and diamonds, clutches for the bride, maxicolares.

The stones were present on the back, ruffles, skirts and layers of dresses, which became even more dazzling. Among the models presented, we could see plenty of necklines with tulle, two-piece dresses made up of bold lace pants and voluminous skirts, in addition to more dry and minimalist shapes.

The collection brought a balance between the textures of the fabrics, such as tulle adorned with sequins, pleated and embroidered skirts at the same time, printed silk organza, embroidered knits or Chantili lace.

French sleeves, puffy sleeves and long sleeves appear in many of the looks, with beautiful ornaments and designs.

The necklines that deserve attention were the strapless straps and the deep V-necks that go to the waist. The transparencies also appeared with everything and added a touch of sensuality to the compositions.

In summary, the dresses are separated into three distinct lines, which are the trademark of Inmaculada Garcia: The romantic line, My Essentials, composed of subtle dresses, lace, chiffon and tulle and elegant forms. My Couture, with couture dresses in very delicate pieces, with volume and lightness, with fabrics such as organza, printed silk, paillettes, rhinestones and embroidered tulle. In addition to My Secrets, much slimmer, without volume, with flowing fancy tulle, embroidered knits and V-necks.

Sobre Inmaculada García

Inmaculada Garcia | Vestido de Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

Inmaculada García has over 18 years of experience in the bridal fashion sector, gaining a firm foothold in Spain and growing internationally. Its fashion shows and plays are always worthy of applause and its collections set a clear trend.

On her website, she says: “Today, I'm proud to have a team of stylists and sponsors that help me evolve in my profession and project myself for that woman who knows what she wants and who seeks an original design, without losing the essence of the bride a bit classic, elegant and sensual.

My collections express themselves, the finishes and complements are elaborated with great care to the last detail, evoking the romantic with the fusion of the modern, which highlights the personal brand in my collections”.

The brand always presents three fashion lines for brides, which are aimed at different audiences:

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