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Invitations for best Man and Bridesmaid

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Best Man and Bridesmaid Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first contact that guests have with the big day. Therefore, they are super important. Imagine, then, the invitations for the best Man and Bridesmaid. How exciting is this moment: to invite the friend (or relative) so special to go up to the altar and sponsor the couple.

Best Man and Bridesmaid are essential people for the wedding and invitations should be equally important. The invitations are always accompanied by a treat: gifts, sweets and exciting thanksgiving texts.

An example: the godfather who loves drinks will be delighted to receive a personalized box containing Chandon (for luxury weddings) or craft beer (if the party is rustic).

When choosing, consider these 03 items:

1. Usefulness: the gift needs to be special and useful in order not to get thrown in the bottom of the drawer.

2. Personalization: it has to be something that makes the best man remember the wedding ,.

3. Wedding style: create a connection between the gift and the party.

In addition, the invitation must match the visual identity of the wedding. The elements of the box, such as prints, colors and prints, must match perfectly with the party.

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