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Jesus Peiró Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Fashion trends change every year, and that's why it's extremely important to be well aware of what's new and what models will be hot next year; especially if you're a bride who wants to wear one of the 2020 trends when walking through the altar.

Vestidos de Noiva Jesus Peiró

The brand Jesús Peiró, born in 1988 and based in Barcelona, promises a perfect collection for minimalist and traditional brides who want to enter the church in style and dressed in a piece of haute couture, with a quality that few brands can achieve.

So, let's see now what Jesús Peiró promises for the year 2020 when it comes to wedding dresses! Read on to read elements that make up the collection and highlights of the Bridal Fashion Week runway show.

Brides who like traditional models will definitely find themselves in this collection, which was designed mainly to bring classic touches and convey a sense of romanticism and traditionalism through the pieces.

The brand maintains the classic of lace and shades of white (which in some dresses can approach cream white) but at the same time invests in some elements that stand out: bows, transparency and satin.

Bows are present in several pieces, both at the front of the waist and at the back. They give a more modern touch to the dresses and yet are very discreet, not losing the class and not leaving the gaudy look; you can see that everything was thought of in a very harmonious way.

Jesús Peiró manages to leave elegant transparency as few brands can. The transparencies present on the sleeves and bust of some dresses draw attention due to the mixture of class and sensuality; the brand does this perfectly, leaving the collection balanced and very fine.

One element that really deserves attention is the use of satin. More than half of the collection is made of satin in pieces with simple cuts, which highlights the brand's minimalist character for the coming year. In addition, the satin dresses have pockets, clearly showing that Jesús Peiro is willing to follow the trends of the fashion world while also making classic models.

We can say that the dress featured in the show by Jesús Peiró at Bridal Fashion Week was a short and tight model, with transparency on the shoulders and neck and lots of lace all over the fabric. This is certainly the perfect example of the mix of classic (lace all over the dress) and modern (transparency, length and width) that the brand is trying to bring to the next year.

Certainly, Jesús Peiró is a brand reference that manages to please traditional brides who, at the same time, want to follow all the modern trends in bridal fashion. If you're one of them, it's worth checking out the brand!




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