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Jewish Wedding: Michelle and Aaron

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Jewish Wedding

WEDDINGG - How Did You Meet?

Michelle - JSwipe. Jewish Tinder, basically.

WEDDINGG - How was the Marriage and Engagement Request?

Michelle - He booked an Escape Room. This kind of activity, you need a minimum of 4 people, so he made it up to me that his brother and his wife would come with us but on the day they had a "car problem" and we were only in the 2 bedroom. where we had to retrieve an artifact that was lost in time, and we went from a space ship to ancient Egypt to a Nazi office in Germany, which was the last room, and behind Hitler's picture was where the artifact was and where he hid the ring. I was so distracted looking for the artifact that I didn't realize he was on his knee with a ring. And I was startled when I realized he was asking me to marry him. It was funny because we were in a room full of Swasticas and we are Jewish, so people usually find this story very funny.

WEDDINGG - How did you meet?

Michelle - JSwipe. Jewish Tinder, basically.

WEDDINGG - What was it like to plan a wedding and deal with the doubts, wishes and hiring of professionals?

Michelle - I loved the planning. I loved choosing things because I dreamed of my marriage for many years and basically knew how I wanted everything. But having Roberto Cohen was the best thing.

He has great taste and knows how to find the right options for every bride. I'm very perfectionist, so I was a little anxious about some details, which on the day, I didn't even notice.

Jewish Wedding

WEDDINGG - How did you feel on Wedding Day before it all started, and what did you think when you listened to the Incoming Music with the door still closed?

Michelle - The day started with me and my mother going to get Esmel to go to the World Cup together. I was crying with excitement already in the car. Getting ready, there was a mess in my room, so I didn't have much time to think and get anxious. It went too fast.

WEDDINGG - How was it for you to live this experience of getting married?

Michelle - For me, it was the most beautiful and special day of my life. To this day I look at the photos and I miss them. My husband loved the day but for him he was looking forward to our married life, rather than the wedding itself. Me for being a woman, maybe, and always dreamed of my wedding day, I think the day passed so fast that I want to do it again! I already told Roberto, 10 years of marriage I want to repeat the experience.

WEDDINGG - Bride to Bride Tip?
Michelle - Enjoy every moment, because it goes too fast. And ask a godmother to make you stop at some moments of the party to appreciate what is happening. Really stop and look at your party, your guests having fun, and enjoy that feeling. I received this advice from a friend of my husband and we did it at some moments of the party. We remember these moments a lot.

Jewish Wedding

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