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Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Choosing a wedding dress may not be an easy task, and that is why it is necessary to know very well which stylist to be inspired by when choosing the dress for the big day. In the case of stylists, it is essential to find a stylist that matches your style and tastes!

Because of this, every year Bridal Fashion Week attracts many people from the world of wedding dress fashion, and of course this year would be no different. One brand that got the word out was Maggie Sottero, with a collection signed by fashion designer Lesley Margaret.

If you haven't checked out the collection for next year, this is the right article! Now let's talk a little more in detail about the trends that the brand promises to launch in 2020 for brides.

Modelo com vestido Maggie Sottero

First of all, it's interesting to mention a little more about the Maggie Sottero brand. It is a family brand that has 3 different lines of wedding dresses and appeared in 1997; the one we'll be talking about for the 2020 collection is Maggie Sottero itself, which has been passed down from generation to generation by the family.

Currently, the brand is a reference in the world of brides; it is considered extremely versatile and modern among critics, as it is always innovating and brings unexpected elements every year, as we will see below.

As every year, Maggie Sottero brings dresses in lace, white and embroidery without much innovation; here, what we can mention differently is the modeling of the dresses. Some are strapless, some have a V-neck and some have spaghetti straps. All these different models make the pieces unique and attractive for traditional and romantic brides.

However, it is impossible to talk about this collection without mentioning its differentials, which are many. Dresses in shades of black, silver and with lots of shine are the main highlight of the Maggie Sottero 2020 collection, and they attract the look of any bride who wants a more modern touch to her wedding.

The brand completely innovates putting completely black dresses, a tradition practically non-existent in the world of brides. In addition, a silver-tone tube covered with sparkles is also an option for those who want a dress signed by Lesley Margaret. These combinations are jaw-dropping and certainly escape the unexpected for a wedding dress, which is perfect!

The highlighted dress

The dress that stood out the most in the collection and has all the elements mentioned above is a princess-style dress (heart neckline and full skirt) with a bust all embroidered in black and a skirt full of sparkles. This is certainly the dress that represents this collection and the brand's intentions for the next year: to innovate a lot and escape the traditional classic.

The brand is certainly perfect for brides who want an out-of-the-box wedding and at the same time want to follow what is hot on the catwalks of Bridal Fashion Week.

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