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Marchesa Wedding Dress Collection 

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

This year was the first time that Marchesa brand dresses were shown at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, and that is why expectations were very high, both for stylists and for spectators.

Vestido de Noiva Marchesa

Marchesa has been standing out from and in the market for some time now, as its models, completely different from the standards, gave a greater prominence to the brand but at the same time marginalized it among so many others that followed the trends.

However, for the year 2020 the brand came out with everything to show that you don't need to be a bride dressed only in lace to be classic and have a romantic look.

If you haven't seen the models from the Marchesa 2020 collection yet, this is the right article! Let's tell you in detail what the brand promises for next year in the world of brides.

Vestido de Noiva Marchesa

the brand

As we've said before, the brand signed by stylists Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig is well known for its different and flashy models, which can be a plus or minus depending on what you're looking for.

For this collection, they promise a mix of diverse elements that, as always, are a little out of trend for next year, but end up creating their own trends; since the brand is self-sufficient and sells itself through its innovation.

We can guarantee that this is the perfect collection for brides with a lot of personality who want to enter the altar with the unique high style that Marchesa offers!

Vestido de Noiva Marchesa

The collection

For the year 2020 the brand continues to innovate and among all the dresses we can highlight the main elements that stand out: the color of the fabrics, the 3D flowers and the embroidery.

First of all, the brand starts innovating (or at least not following the trend of the majority) in the color of the fabric; instead of being the snow white we are used to, it pulls to a silver tone in most dresses, which gives a more elegant look to the pieces.

This is certainly the key point of the collection. In an attempt (successful) to mix romantic elements with a lot of personality, the brand used 3D flowers in most of the dresses; and the highlight and apex of the “Marchesa touch” is a dress made completely out of giant 3D flowers.

Keeping a more classic and less “flashy” line, the stylists decided to use embroidery in several dresses. In this case, they are mainly present on busts and skirts, pleasing the most classic brides.

What did you think of this Marchesa collection for the year 2020? These trends are certainly not the first option for most brides, but they will appeal to many women who are looking for dresses with more personality and that deviate from the standards we are used to!

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