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Mira Zwillinger Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

If you're looking for the perfect wedding dress and don't even know where to start your search, know that following the Bridal Fashion Week shows is an essential part, especially for brides who always want to wear what's hot on the catwalks and like to follow trends in the fashion world.

However, not all people have the time and willingness to follow all the shows in full, as some are usually long and can even be boring for those who do not like to watch.

Therefore, today we are going to talk a little more about the Mira Zwillinger collection for the year 2020; what are the main elements present in the dress and what style of bride can they please! Read on to get some inspirations.

Coleção de Vestidos de Noiva Mira Zwillinger 2020

The collection of stylist Mira Zwillinger is the perfect option for brides who are tired of the completely classic models but at the same time want to be dressed in a romantic piece for their wedding day.

The fashion designer combined several elements that deviate from the traditional, but at the same time innovate less than some more daring designers. We can highlight some elements such as flower embroidery (which are very popular next year), transparency (which gives a certain sensuality and lightness to the piece) and fabric tones.

As for the tones, Mira Zwillinger surprises. The silver tones are very present in several pieces, escaping from the traditional white tone for weddings and at the same time leaving the look clear and light; it's the perfect color for those who don't want to get married in white, but at the same time are looking for a light piece!

In addition, we can say that tulle is very present in several pieces, also giving a touch of transparency and lightness, and at the same time making the designer have greater versatility to “play” with the dress modeling; such as through loops in the back and slits in the skirts.

All these elements, when used together, form a collection that has everything to rock next year and set trends. Which dress did you like best? Would you use silver tones in place of classic white? We think the stylist got it right in the mix of colors, fabrics and shapes; everything very harmonious and classic, perfect for discreet and stylish brides!

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