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Naeem Khan Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Naeem Khan

During Bridal Fashion Week, you can check out the launches of different brands and what will be the bridal fashion trends for 2020.

The looks are becoming more and more innovative and fleeing from common sense, and the novelties aimed at the modern are almost as awaited as the beautiful classic dresses, which always appear with a new look and style.

Indian-American stylist Naeem Khan, brought his new Autumn Winter 2020/2021 line without losing his signature features: ornate dresses with details that bring elegance to his pieces.

In all, 19 looks were presented by the stylist, with variations that can adapt to the bride's personality and the context of the ceremony. The latest design is also the most traditional of the collection, with its strapless neckline and floral lace, combining charm and romanticism.

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Fall 2021

Fall 2020

Spring 2020

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