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Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Vestidos de Noiva Rosa Clará

The Spanish brand Rosa Clará is already well known in the world of haute couture for the high creativity and quality of its pieces, traditionalism and jaw-dropping models. For this reason, every year Rosa Clará's fashion show is one of the most awaited by fans of high-end, minimalist fashion.

For the year 2020, the brand promises traditional models, but with touches that only Rosa Clará can put in one piece.

For next year, the brand bet on a combination of elements that make the models minimalist and traditional. Unlike other brands, Rosa Clará did not bet on major trends for next year, but kept its elegant and traditional posture.

The main elements of this collection are crepe dresses, lace, flowing skirts and embroidery.

Almost all of the pieces in next year's collection are made of crepe. This means that they mark the silhouette, but not extravagantly, but discreetly. This fabric is excellent for more delicate brides who are not so fond of the princess model (tight bust and full skirt).

Income has always been the darling of weddings; and of course she couldn't be left out of the Rosa Clará 2020 collection. The brand decided to bet on lace in several ways: from a lace belt to sleeves with embroidered lace, and even a completely lace dress.

Despite the crepe dresses and the more minimalist character of this collection, it is also possible to find several dresses with flowing skirts for next year's collection. Made mostly in tulle, they give more movement to the piece and are certainly a good choice for less classic brides who are looking for a more flashy look, but without losing their elegance.

Like lace, embroidery is an essential element in Rosa Clará's collection, and of course this would be no different for the year 2020. The highlight is a white dress with a tulle skirt and embroidered bust; on the long sleeves of the piece, we can find a mixture of transparency and embroidery that is definitely a differential of this collection and will delight many brides.

Finally, while maintaining traditionalism and minimalism, the Spanish brand followed one of the trends for the coming years in the world of brides: the pockets in dresses. Versatile and modern, they add an additional touch to the piece and are present in some models of the collection for next year.

Rosa Clara is living proof that it is possible to create a minimalist and traditional collection while following fashion trends and pleasing even the most modern and creative brides!




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