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Temperley London Wedding Dress Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Vestidos de Noiva Temperley

Bridal Fashion Week has passed, but the desire to check out all the brands and the wonderful dresses that have passed through there hasn't stopped, so today we're going to check out the collection presented by the brand Temperley London.

Alice Temperley is a renowned stylist born in London, also known as the “English Ralph Lauren” because of her influence and style in the fashion world, and especially, brides.

Her brand, Temperley London, was created by Alice in 2000 and since then has only received praise from renowned communicators like The Guardian and American Vogue, what a power! You can already see that the brand's dresses are unmissable, right? So let's check out the new Fall/Winter 2019 collection for brides!

Spring 2021

Fall 2020

Fall 2019

“The Willow Collection offers the bride the dresses of her dreams… It's bohemian decadence, for style from start to finish…” - Alice Temperley For brides looking for fairy tale princess dresses, the Willow Collection it's definitely the best choice on today's catwalks.

Fantasy and femininity are the key words for tulle dresses and light-looking skirts. The collection is loaded with the dramatic element of princesses, this element is passed through volume and drapes; at the same time the skirts give a sensual tone when marking the waist.

White, ivory and pink are the colors of the collection, which was also inspired by the star constellations; models range from puffy tulle sleeves to simpler, thinner spaghetti straps.

The Celeste dress is one of the highlights of the collection, as it makes an analogy with one of the stylist's inspirations (the stars) through the name and also the sparkles that go from the neckline to the train, giving a light tone.

The models are totally different from the traditional and mix the drama of fairy tales with the modern world, the embroideries exist but they are not made of flowers as we are used to seeing; they are elaborate and geometric embroidery (such as the Phoebe model).

The collection can really please brides who are looking for less traditional and princess-worthy dresses, imagine getting married wearing a Winnie or a Lila? One with sequin-like applications and full of shine, while the other has untraditional and wonderful embroidery.

Temperley has come to rock from the catwalk to the altar this Spring 2022!

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