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Top Bridal Hairstyle Trends: Perfect Looks for Your Big Day

Updated: Jun 20

Hairstyles for brides

The bride needs to feel stunning on her big day, right?! Anyone who thinks that only the dress, the veil, the shoes and the accessories are points to be thought about and analyzed when talking about brides is wrong. The hairstyle for the Bride and the makeup for the wedding are equally important and deserve, therefore, a lot of attention.

But attention: Before any trend, the bride needs to feel good about her hair and makeup. The main thing is to choose a make-up that enhances the strengths, matches the bride's style and still blends well in the photos.

Top Bridal Hairstyle Trends

beauty trends

More natural makeup: One of the trends that is super high this year is more natural and light makeup. For this trend, bet on blush and lips in nude tones, with light sparkles. This type of makeup suits the most discreet brides or outdoor weddings, such as in the countryside.

Glossy lips: Speaking of gloss, one trend has made a resurgence this year: Gloss. It can be used as a complement to lipstick, or when alone, in a more cherry color, to give that natural touch to the lips.

Illuminated skin: Well-lit skin is a super trend. To create what we call strobing, you'll just need a lot of highlighter and blush, which give dimension to the face, highlighting strategic points with points of light.

Metallic: For those who love more glamorous makeup, metallic eyeshadows are also one of the trends for this year and are recommended for those who are getting married at night and want to shine a lot.

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