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Look at the trends for wedding bouquet

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

wedding bouquet

Ah, the bridal bouquets. They are beautiful, complement the look, have meanings and can still be adapted to the preferences of the brides. To define the bouquet, it is necessary to take into account the style of decoration, the model of the dress and more. Each season, different bouquets of flowers emerge, which have seen trends for weddings. Look at the trends for this year!


Peonies began to succeed in Europe and the United States and now it is a trend here in Brazil. This flower is large, delicate and fragrant, so it can be used to create a super bouquet.

Sophisticated meaning: longevity and purity, two essential elements for a happy marriage.

Aromatic herbs

The bouquet should not necessarily consist of flowers. You can bet on herbs. An incredible mix is ​​the traditional flowers along with the rosemary branches in the arrangement.

Combination of several flowers

Speaking of mixed, you can use different species of flowers in the same bouquet, as an arrangement with orchids, roses, hydrangeas, eucalyptus leaves, among other items.

Vessel in the box

The new fashion in weddings is to enclose the bouquet in a box. Instead of playing the arrangement for when invited, the bride puts it in an acrylic or glass box and closes it with chains. During the party, guests receive keys to try to open the lock of the box.

Callas bouquet

A Callas bouquet is super modern. This species of flower, also known as calla, can be found in different colors such as marsala, white and yellow.

Matching flowers with decoration

Another option is to match the color of the flowers with the predominant colors in the decoration as well. But be careful not to use flowers identical to those of church arrangements and centerpieces.

San Antonio Bouquet

The bouquet of San Antonio continues to increase: the arrangement brings together several miniatures of the holy mate, so there will be no fight to pick up the bouquet.

Bouquet of washed colors

Washed colors (also known as pastel colors) are strong trends. This bouquet combines with the vintage or boho-chic style.

Bouquet of bright colors

Bright colors in flowers are also trends. One way to do this is to bet on bright and cheerful colored flowers such as yellow, blue, orange or purple.

Wild plants

Rustic-style weddings are combined with an elaborate bouquet of wild plants and flowers, as is the case with cypress. The composition can be slightly unstructured, with species of different sizes.

Small bouquets

The bridal bouquet can be delicate, as in small and delicate arrangements. Invest in small bouquets of small flowers.

Orchid Bouquet

The orchid symbolizes perfection, strength and spiritual purity. This flower is prone to bouquets.

Brooches and lacquer mix

Bridal bouquets also incorporate decorative elements such as brooches and ribbon ties.

Hoop Bouquet

The hoop bouquet is on the rise and differs from the traditional bouquet because the flowers and leaves are tied in a metal or wood hoop.

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