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Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Vestidos de Noiva Vera Wang

Who has never heard about Vera Wang? One of the most famous and respected stylists. Today, let's talk about her story and the 2019 collection. Spoiler alert: The traditional white sent hugs and gave way to colors!

Vera Wang's Story

After spending 16 years at Vogue as a Senior Editor and a stint as design director at Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang was tired of the wedding dresses out there, mostly traditional and unsophisticated designs. That's when she launched her own line of wedding dresses.

Vestido de Noiva | Vera Wang | Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

In 1990 Vera Wang opened a luxury salon to display her recent collection full of elegance and details, yielding success all over the world. Today, Vera Wang is the world's leading wedding dress designer. She has expanded her line of wedding dresses to include perfume, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, wedding invitations, home, all with her signature elegance and style.

Vestido de Noiva | Vera Wang | Noiva | Casamento  | Blog de Casamento | Moda Noiva |  Desfiles de Vestidos de Noiva

A Vera Wang wedding dress is made of luxurious fabrics, luxurious details such as pearl and bead appliqués, and there are always the best couturiers to craft it.

Vera Wang's wedding dresses have elegant lines, always combining modernity with romanticism. Nowadays you can find all kinds of wedding dresses in the Vera Wang line, from tulle, silk, brocade and much more.

The price of a Vera Wang wedding dress from the Luxe collection starts at €4,500, with some dresses costing €11,000 or more. However, most dresses are between €1,800 and €5,000.

Additionally, there is also the option of purchasing a Vera Wang bridesmaid that can perfectly replace a wedding dress and cost between €170 and €800.

Vera Wang Wedding wedding dresses are available at her flagship store in New York, at the best wedding dress stores in the world.

Famous who used Vera Wang

Vera Wang was responsible for signing the wedding dresses of big names such as Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez and Uma Thurman. Even former President Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton was married in a Vera Wang-signed dress adorned with an embroidered sash.

The fictional celebs also used models signed by the designer. In the movie “Brides at War”, for example, the wedding dresses worn by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway were signed by Vera.

The stylist's creations also extended to the movie “Sex And The City”, in which Sarah Jessica Parker uses supermodel to get married. Blair Waldorf, from the series "Gossip Girl", also had a dress signed by Vera.

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