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Wedding Dress Trends

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Wedding Dress Trends

Most women dream for a long time with the moment of marriage and especially with the moment of wearing their dream wedding dress. There are traditional and classic models and there are more daring and innovative models. Your dress needs to talk to many things within the wedding, for example, with the decor, with the bridesmaids' dresses, with the environment in which the wedding will take place and, of course, with the bride's taste. We will show you some options that are at the height of the wedding dress trend on the catwalks.

Shoulder to shoulder

The fashion for off-the-shoulder wedding dresses has been on the rise for a long time. And more and more, they dominate the hearts of brides. Off-the-shoulder dresses have a tone of personality, sensuality and also still maintain a serious and restrained tone. The model combines very well with a princess frame, the lace is also very welcome.

lacy top

Another model much sought after by brides is a dress composed of a lace top (corset). The model is intended for brides looking for a more daring and sexy touch. In most models, the upper part of the dress is lace and the lower part is a tube to shape the body. However, the princess model also looks great with the upper part formed in lace, another variation that this dress can have is the opening of the lace. It is a highly requested choice.

sweetheart neckline

The choice of sweetheart neckline is often chosen in larger models with a more princess tone. The sweetheart neckline can be in a strapless format, which is the most common, the format can also be used as spaghetti straps. The model is very open for customization, it looks great as lace, with models that are more fitted to the body. The style goes very well with a romantic wedding.

rustic styles

Non-standard weddings are on the rise. And weddings in more rustic places, such as on the beach or in farms, call for a different dress. Dresses of this more differentiated style, generally have a shape that does not reveal much of the body, in an imperial or straight model, something looser with long sleeves like tulle. The rustic dress has the advantage of being non-standard, so it opens up a huge range to insert the personality and ideas of the bride.

long sleeves

Long sleeves are always present on the catwalks, they are not traditional but have a very reserved and restrained style. Sleeves are an item that can bring a lot of personality and differentiation to your wedding dress. Sleeve trends are currently more differentiated to sleeves with transparent or lace-formulated fabrics. Dresses with a straight neckline and sleeves are very popular among models and on the catwalks.

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