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All about the wedding of Rose Leslie and Harington Kit

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Wedding of Rose Leslie and Harington Kit

On the small screen, they form a Romanesque pair like Jon Snow and Ygritte. In real life, they form one of the most talked about couples. Check out everything that happened at the wedding of the lovebirds.

All about wedding Rose Leslie and Harington Kit

The wedding took place in a setting that could well be in Game of Thrones: a castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, near Rose's family castle. The ceremony will be celebrated by a Benedictine monk named Chad Boulton. British band Mumford & Sons was the main attraction of the party, according. Kit met the group behind the scenes of a TV show in 2015, and has since kept in touch with them.

Wedding of Rose Leslie and Harington Kit

The actress chose a long-sleeved Eli Saab dress with lace details and white flower crown, enhancing the reddish tone of the strands, and veil on the head. The bouquet of white roses completed the production.
The groom dressed in a black tuxedo with cream vest and pinstriped gray chalk pants. Sebastian, Kit's father, led her to the altar in a typical Scottish costume, the kilt, a checkered skirt.

At the end of the celebration, the guests threw flowers and leaves to wish the couple luck. The cast of Game of Thrones was heavy at the ceremony: in fiction and best friends in real life, Sophia Turner and Maisie Williams arrived together. Sansa's interpreter chose a red blazer, black overknee boots, black and white clutch and retro glasses.

Maisie wore a black jumpsuit with delicate print and colorful heels. Emilia Clarke chose a midi rose dress with overcoat in the same shade. Daenerys Targaryen's performer completed the production with a low pink scarpin.

About the couple

Kit and Rose met while filming the second season of Game of Thrones. She lived Ygritte, a savage Jon Snow fell in love with on a raid beyond the Wall. They started dating in 2012, but only appeared in public together in 2016. The engagement took place in September 2017 and was publicized the old-fashioned way through an ad in The Times.

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