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All about the wedding of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Wedding of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Celebrity weddings always drive the trend, the latest celebrity wedding was Joe Jonas, singer of the band Jonas Brothers, and actress Sophie Turner, known for roles with Sansa Stark in Game of thrones and Jean Gray of Black phoenix. The two got married in a discreet / secret yet very glamorous ceremony. Let's talk about everything that happened at the wedding.

The ceremony

The wedding took place in Carpentras, southern France. The ceremony was intimate only for those close to you, and there are no photos released of the time of the wedding ring or of the church itself. During the ceremony, Sophie wore a white dress with a deep neckline and a lower princess wing, that is, as a controlled volume. All the dress had handmade details, such as embroidery and stones, her veil followed a pattern of the dress, as diverse and delicate applications. Joe Jonas, on the other hand, wore a classic black suit, such as a shirt and black tie.

The couple had been married since May. They had a makeshift ceremony in Las Vegas earlier this year and now they really organized something big to formalize the union. Magazines claim that the couple felt obliged to “redo” the marriage because in the first ceremony a live of the couple's special moment leaked.

The party

After the ceremony, the couple took photos with friends and family and headed to the Château de Tourreau, which is a castle built in the 18th century. It is a common destination for high-end weddings. Class, it has a structure suitable for weddings and its architecture has a romantic tone single. The castle is also an ideal hotel for wedding destinations.

Wedding of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner wore the same ceremony dress throughout the party despite the wedding being in the castle garden. The wedding structure was made up of tents and tables in the castle's own garden.

The wedding was held during a warm period in France, so the party had a lot of attention to cold drinks, refreshing desserts and also the distribution of damp towels.

The wedding decoration was based on simple elements, mainly flowers, candles, crystals and small lights. The color palette used was the gold, white and pink of the flowers in the decoration and the bouquets.

As expected at a musician's wedding, the attractions were DJ Diplo, who is a close friend of Joe Jonas. He played for a few minutes and then the party playlist was pretty eclectic. The wedding lasted well into the early hours and was a big party.

The couple and some guests stayed in the castle for a few more days. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner amended their marriage to a honeymoon across Europe.

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