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When to send Save the Date

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Save the Date

Save the Date can be sent 6 or 4 months in advance of the Wedding, and Wedding Invitations are sent 45 days before the Events.

Wedding invitations are the first contact that guests have with the big day. Both the invitations, the Save The Date and the thank you cards must obey the visual identity of the wedding.

After defining the style of the wedding, the location and date of the party, ceremony and guest list, it is time to go into the details of the stationery. That's when formats, color ideas, monograms, fonts and more start to emerge.

Invitations, save the date and thank you cards

The visual identity must be defined, in line with the Save The Date graphic design, which can be virtual or printed, it depends on the budget and the style of each couple.

The invitation shows guests the style, personality and identity of the wedding. This point therefore deserves a lot of attention.

The concept of your wedding has to go hand in hand with the other items, so it is easier to make decisions and choose a style. It is not just the invitation, the save the date or the thank you card, but the whole identity that the wedding will have.

If it is the couple's desire to do something special and personalized, everything has to be thought out and structured with time, so that there is a connection between all the suppliers and the event goes out as perfect as possible.

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