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Yellow Bridal Bouquet

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

More and more brides seek to escape a classic bridal pattern, without losing the glamor of a bride. Some seek to change the location of the wedding, wear a dress that is different from the common types or opt for a bouquet in a beautiful and innovative way. An option for this look modernization can be a yellow bouquet, this idea can be super adaptable to your taste, it can vary from the glamorous and restrained style to a more rustic and fun model.

Yellow Bridal Bouquet

In addition to the unique beauty of a bouquet, the color yellow at the time of the ceremony means that your relationship is based on your friendship and companionship. And also in eastern cultures, yellow color somewhere on the bride means joy and success in a relationship. That is, in addition to being an innovative and elegant choice, having yellow in the ceremony can be positive according to superstition. Let's give some ideas of yellow bridal bouquet types and styles

like roses

Bouquets formed by rose are part of the classic wedding box. A bouquet with yellow roses will add a new and elegant tone to your look. Roses are a right choice and yellow roses are very beautiful and classic. A good choice for indoor weddings, with a more formal and chic tone. It goes very well with a classic dress.


​The flower of the moment is undoubtedly the Sunflower. The plant has never been more valued, you can take advantage of the plant's popularity and use it in your bouquet. Sunflower has a more rustic tone, ideal for country weddings or outdoor weddings in general. Keep in mind that the sunflower may not work well if your dress is more formal. Sunflower is already well accepted by brides who want their wedding to have a relaxed tone.

Yellow Bridal Bouquet


Carnations are the most remembered yellow flowers, they are small and delicate. Carnation bouquets are usually composed with other plants in the set to give greater prominence. The carnation bouquet has a very similar tone to the sunflowers, it is more casual and rustic. For a yellow bridal bouquet like carnations, bet on a lot of foliage and also make a color palette with flowers with tones close to yellow, like orange.


Orchids are extremely contained and wonderful flowers, they are a symbol of harmony and beauty. Orchids are mainly used in cascade type bouquets, the yellow flowers combine very well with the cascade idea. Orchids are indicated for weddings indoors, that is, more classic weddings.

Yellow as an auxiliary color

​If you are not comfortable with the idea of having a completely yellow bouquet, the color can be a good companion for white bouquets with lots of foliage. Yellow will bring a more lively tone to your bouquet, that is, an extra personality to your hand ornament. In this way, yellow will fit all wedding models, in any environment and also any bridal style.

Yellow Bridal Bouquet

Another idea for using yellow in conjunction with other colors is to use shades that bring contrast, such as blue. A bridal bouquet with blue and yellow flowers is on trend. Other tones that bring contrast to yellow: green and pink.

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