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Yolan Cris Wedding Dress Collection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Coleção de Vestido de Noiva Yolan Cris 2021

Ah, the wedding dresses... There are so many novelties that this market offers. And, let's face it, this is one of the most important looks in a woman's life. For this reason, we always invest in materials with heavyweight stylists, showing the brands' collections and trends. Today we are going to tell you a little about the Yolan Cris brand.

About Yolan Cris

The YolanCris brand was created by two sisters: Yolanda and Cristina, who founded it in 2005, in Spain, with the aim of focusing on the natural and authentic woman. Known for loose and very feminine models, the brand is a reference in the bridal market and has stores in over 40 countries, including Brazil.

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The interest in the universe of brides was inherited by her mother, who was a seamstress specializing in weddings. In 2006, they presented their first collection at Pasarela Gaudi Novias, during the Week of Brides in Barcelona. From there, the handmade creations attracted attention.

At the same time, the sisters opened a studio, which attracted international attention.

The brand is very authentic and has a very well defined identity. The main feature is its boho chic “footprint” (which is increasingly on the rise).


YolanCris presented her new collection of wedding dresses, entitled “Identity.” The parade took place outdoors, with the magical Montjuic fountain as a backdrop, and under the theatrical direction of La Fura dels Baus.

The intention of Yolanda and Cristina Pérez was to honor the sewing artisans and the magic of their work. Between scissors and giant thimbles, the brand presented 80 models from the new collection. In addition to paying homage to sewing artisans, the collection sought to honor women, investing in models subtly inspired by Coco Chanel, Simone de Beauvoir, Madonna, Grace Jones or the Marquise de Casati. Women with vision and charisma, who believed in themselves and seduced the world with their talent and personality.

The Identity collection features a variety of designs, materials and colors: long dresses, mini skirts, pants, tunics, lace and non-lace lingerie, overalls, trendy kimonos and two-piece sets. And as for the colors, we saw immaculate white, creamy tones between nude and pink, touches of silver and gold, details in green and even pieces in black and red.

Feathers appeared as a trend in necklines, sleeves, bottoms of dresses and coats. Volumes were present in the skirts, but also in the sleeves (with an irresistible 80's vibe) and in the necklines. The asymmetrical cut was present in the wedding dresses and the magic of the appliqués and embroidery in gauze, as well as the already classic designs in tulle and guipure.

Yolan Cris 2022

Yolan Cris 2021

Yolan Cris 2020

The Yolancris collection, with its 80 creations, pleased women of all styles: there are proposals for simple wedding dresses with a straight cut, A cuts for the most romantic, suggestive wedding dresses, with beautiful transparencies, and ancient combinations, such as skirts of tulle with sweatshirt. If Yolan Cris bet, years ago, on the boho style to define her wedding dresses, the new collection bets on personality!

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