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White and green wedding decoration by Nina Nassar

White Wedding Decoration

Ah, a wedding. What a great day, right? And for everything to go as planned, we need the help of trained professionals and a well structured project. Today we will talk about the wedding project of Mayara and Rafael, which took place at Casa Fasano. Learn all about the project description, the colors and elements, the flowers and furniture used, and the couple's expectations about the project.

Mayara and Rafael wedding

Many candlesticks, many flowers, many candles ... the decoration of this wedding is amazing. To create a sumptuous scenery, Eventing by Nina Nassar chose a palette of light colors, classic elements and some more modern furniture. And so, the minimalist Casa Fasano won palatial airs.

The classic "green and white" obtained a softer version in the arrangements of white flowers and gray foliage (mottled with succulents) present throughout the party. Guest tables ranged from lacquered squares to squares with sequined embroidered towels. And in the midst of the richness of details and elements, the transparency of the acrylic chairs complements the decoration lightly.

The highlights of the party were the candy tables, a composition of two Venetian mirror furniture cut by hand with a table completely covered with flowers in the center exclusively for the cake.

The well-married were arranged in pieces of glass and silver in the Venetian sideboards.

The image and pendants of Santa Terezinha, the bride's devotional saint, complemented the area.

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