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All about the wedding of Flora Ogilvy and Timothy Vesterberg

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

wedding of Flora Ogilvy and Timothy Vesterberg

September 26, 2020 was the date chosen by the granddaughter of Princess Alexandra, who is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, to formalize the union with Timothy Vesterberg. Flora Ogilvy, who is an art consultant, got married in a private ceremony at the Royal Chapel of St. James in London. The bride, Flora Ogilvy, said "I do" to her husband Timothy Vesterberg, a financier and former hockey player from Sweden.

Although Flora is not as well known as her distant cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry, she attended some events and meetings of the royal family, such as the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor, in May 2019. was that the celebration of his marriage should be marked by great fanfare, as is common at royal weddings. But like other brides during the pandemic, Flora Ogilvy married her now-husband Timothy Vesterberg in a small private event. And although the celebration was kept secret for a while, after the event passed, Flora shared the news through an Instagram post: "Timothy and I were married privately at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace on Saturday , September 26. We are really happy and look forward to celebrating next year," she wrote in the caption. Commemoration, which incidentally, actually happened in 2021.

The model chosen for the dress at the first ceremony in September 2020 was a classic, discreet and elegant one, with long sleeves and a square neckline. The dress was signed by Emilia Wickstead, which is one of the favorite brands of another royal, Kate Middleton. The earrings used in the ceremony belonged to the bride's grandmother.

Almost a year after the first ceremony, just as Flora had said, the couple celebrated their union again. It was on September 10, 2021. However, this time, with a greater presence of family and friends, with the pandemic scenario already under control. The ceremony took place at the chapel of St. James, Piccadilly, London.

On that occasion, in addition to the greater presence of guests, the bride's choice of dress model was also a little more “showy”, so to speak. The dress used was in a romantic style, with a “v” neckline. It was comprised of sheer long sleeves and also featured a floral print. The more classic look was beautifully combined with a tulle veil and an Ogilvy tiara, which belonged to the bride's grandmother. A curiosity about this tiara used by Flora at the wedding: when Princess Alexandra was still single, she received five diamond flowers from her parents. She used to wear the flowers in her hair and decided to turn them into a tiara when she got married. Princess Alexandra also added pearls to the tiara. And this was the same tiara worn by Flora at her wedding. A very valuable piece, not only for its material value, but without a doubt, for the esteem it represents for the family, it is used again on such a special occasion.

Among the guests at the second ceremony were the bride's parents and siblings, James, Julia Ogilvy and Alexander, as well as her grandmother, Princess Alexandra of Kent. The party was also attended by several names of the British nobility, such as Prince Edward, youngest son of Elizabeth II, and the Countess of Wessex.

Flora Vesterberg's two wedding ceremonies well illustrate the trend of recent royal weddings, which follow a line of discretion and intimacy, without losing their grandeur.

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