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All about the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were once one of the most beautiful and beloved couples in Hollywood. To remember the story, the two met in 1994 and at that time, Brad Pitt was also dating actress, Gwynet Paltrow.

wedding Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

The moment chosen to announce the engagement happened five years later at a Sting concert. The engagement ring that Pitt chose to give Jennifer was created by Silvia Damiani, a renowned Italian jeweler. The ring was a solitaire in the center, surrounded by a diamond spiral and cost around US$ 500,000.

The following year, on July 29, 2000, the wedding took place. Brad was 35 and Jennifer 31 when the two were married in a ceremony in Malibu, on top of a cliff. Brad and Jennifer rent TV executive Marcy Carsey's property with a view of the Pacific Ocean. The ceremony cost around US$ 1 million. In the decoration, there was the idea of creating a zen garden, with wisteria and tulips. For this, 50 thousand flowers were placed.

The ceremony was secret and there were around 200 guests. To maintain discretion, extensive security was prepared and the airspace above the property was restricted. The reception was held on the lawn and the idea of the zen garden was created and designed by Brad Pitt. In addition to the flowers, there were floating lanterns. All of this was under the cover of a white canopy to avoid unwanted paparazzi shots. To further ensure the secrecy of the ceremony, the guests had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

As expected, the wedding was attended by several Hollywood stars and stars. Among the famous names were Courteney Cox, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz. The ceremony was attended by a gospel choir with 40 voices and four music bands. The gospel choir sang a song from Blur 1999 as the wedding march. Legend has it that at that moment, Pitt cried like a child, copiously. The Latin jazz band Gypsy Magic also played during the night, enlivening the guests.

The menu was up to the celebrities present and featured lobster, shrimp, caviar, crab meat, peppercorn beef (a kind of spicy meat) and the wedding cake had six layers of white icing.

A parenthesis to the time of Hollywood's cutest vows, when Jennifer promised to make the "Fight Club" star's favorite banana milkshake.

For her special day, Jennifer wore a white satin and silk dress signed by stylist Lawrence Steele. The dress also had very small pearls, which were embroidered on her bodice. On her feet, the actress opted for Manolo Blahnik sandals. To complete the bride's look, a crown made with Swarovski crystals was used. The tiara was covered by the veil.

The groom's choice was for a black, four-button tuxedo, which was a creation by Hedi Slimane, a stylist who now works at the French luxury brand, Céline.

To crown this wedding that many still regret to have ended, there was a fireworks display at the end, lasting 13 minutes.

For us, the marriage may have ended a while ago, but Brad and Jen are still one of the most beloved couples in the celebrity world, do you agree?

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