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All about the wedding of Melania and Donald Trump

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

A Donald Trump wedding could not be less than stately, exuberant, sumptuous! And it wasn't just a wedding, it was the third marriage of the millionaire and former president of the United States. The bride, Melania Knauss is a former model born in Slovenia and after the union, she started to sign as Melania Knauss-Trump.

Wedding Melania and Donald Trump

The date chosen for the luxury wedding of Melania and Donald Trump was January 22, 2005. The celebrations began with the religious ceremony, which was held at the Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Bethesda by The Sea. Only one detail that does not influence the grandeur of the ceremony is that the bride, Melania, was Roman Catholic from birth.

Luxury was present on the bride and groom's big day, from small details of the dress model chosen by the bride for the religious ceremony. Who signed Melania's dress was the Christian Dior brand. It was a beautiful dress made of satin and had around 1550 crystals. Yes, you read that right, 1500 crystals! Melania had to do four fittings of the dress, each lasting around four hours.

As if that weren't enough, the dress needed about 89 meters of fabric, added to the four meters of train and five meters of veil. Now, of course, all that ornament would literally have a weight, wouldn't it? Melania had to carry a weight of 22 kilos! Yes, that was the weight of the dress when it was finished. Imagine how you manage to remain full and elegant with such a weight?! The model chosen by Melania for the dress was the mermaid, with a more sensual touch. On the skirt, there were round, circular appliqués that referred to details of the skirt of another illustrious bride; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

In the hands, the current wife of Donald Trump, chose to take a rosary that was inherited from the family. Thus, she replaced the tradition of carrying a bouquet of flowers.

For the moment of the party, Melania chose a second dress to have more freedom to dance and enjoy her celebration. Ufa! Because with 22 kilos of fabric it would be really complicated. The party dress was signed by stylist Vera Wang. It was a model with straps and a “V” neckline, structured like a corset, it really is a corset, not a corset. Do you know the difference between the two? The dress was all white. To accompany the dress, Melania wore a beautiful white flower garland. But the star of Melania's look was the Edwardian-style necklace, loaned to the bride by Fred Leighton. Due to the repercussions, Melania was on the cover of American Vogue magazine at the time, with her dress, valued at around US$ 2 million. Maison Dior did not charge that amount, however. Considering the repercussion it would have for the brand in the media, they charged US$ 100,000 for the dress.

As for the wedding menu, as expected, it left nothing to be desired. For dinner, a variety of divine delicacies were offered, washed down with Cristal champagne and without skimping on caviar.

The cake was an attraction in itself. Starting from its design to the final manufacture, the cake took two months to be ready. The cake was prepared by renowned pastry chef Cedric Barberet, from Bistro Barberet & Bakery. The filling in the seven layers of the cake was composed of the Grand Manier liqueur with buttery vanilla. The tiers of the cake were also covered in 3,000 white roses. Guests were also awarded a mini-cake with a chocolate filling to take home as a souvenir.

The colors of white and gold predominated in the decoration of the party. About 10,000 flowers decorated the ballroom, where more than 350 guests were received. Among them, the presence of many celebrities and politicians.

Despite being Donald Trump's third marriage, it was nothing short of the luxury, pomp and circumstance of the first two.

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