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All about the wedding of Michelle and Barack Obama

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Calm down, I'll explain. It is not that former President Barack Obama's marriage to former First Lady, at the time Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, was secretly married. But among the weddings of big celebrities, which include American presidential candidates, it is one of the most difficult to have information or news circulating on the networks. Even photos from the day of the ceremony are rare to find.

Wedding Michelle and Barack Obama

One of the very rare images of Michelle and Barack's special day was published in 2018, 26 years after the celebration of the bride and groom's engagement, on Michelle's personal Instagram profile. In this publication, in which she recalled the wedding date, she showed a little of that unique and special moment for the two of them.

And, in addition, she also spoke of a very special and somewhat unique detail that involved the day of the union. In the caption, she wrote: “It doesn't show in this photo, but Barack woke up on our wedding day in October 1992 with a horrible cold. Somehow, by the time I found him at the altar, the cold had miraculously disappeared and we ended up dancing most of the night.” For the most skeptical it may seem like a mere coincidence, mere chance. For the more romantic or hopeful, it is an authentic revelation of the power of love. Which group are you in?

What is known about the couple's history, since they met until they reached the altar, is that Barack was still an intern at a law firm in Chicago, Sidley & Austin. And guess who his mentor was in that same office? Yeah, yeah, Michelle herself. This happened in 1989, the year they met. In the summer of that same year, they started dating and the relationship would reach marriage three years later.

Michelle recalled how the marriage proposal was made, somewhat unusual, in an interview given on the talk show The Late Show: “We were at a celebrating dinner that he had passed at the OAB, so, it was a celebratory dinner and he started to fight! So, I also rebut, because I am a lawyer and I have points to clarify. I was focused on my argument and dessert came to us. The waiter put the plate in front of me with a little box and, in the middle of my speech, I was like: 'What?!' [Laughs] He opened the little box and said: 'Now this will shut you up'. And shut up!”, he said.

The long-awaited day arrived and former President Barack Obama married his wife Michelle on October 3, 1992 in Chicago. The wedding of Michelle and Barack Obama was performed by the Reverend Keremiah A. Wright Jr. at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. After the religious ceremony, guests were received at the South Shore Cultural Center.

In terms of costumes, the bride was bold and traditional at the same time. His bridesmaids - among whom were Barack's sisters, Maya and Auma - wore beautiful black dresses, in place of the classic pastel tones. The dresses had Bardot-style necklines and puffed sleeves, which were paired with drop earrings much like the bride's. As for her dress, Michelle kept the style traditional and wore an all-white ensemble. She had her hair tied back, huge drop earrings, and a hint of red lipstick. Her stunning dress also had a bardot neckline and long sleeves, matching the veil and bouquet of white roses carried by her.

Finally, the couple chose California as their honeymoon destination. In times of so much exposure, it is curious to say the least, and even admirable, how after so long the records and details of the wedding still remain so secret!

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