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Pets at the Wedding

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Pets at the Wedding

For many people, animals are considered part of the family, so it's only fair that they participate in the wedding ceremony. If you want to include your pet on that special day, check out some tips to make this idea come true.

1) Check if the ceremony location allows animals.

2) Talk to a close friend or family member and ask them to take care of your pet (or hire a trusted person especially for this service).

3) Make sure guests are comfortable with the presence of your pet, talk to them in advance to avoid future problems, especially with godparents and bridesmaids.

4) Decide on the animal's role in the wedding keeping in mind the pet's temperament.

5) Get your pet used to the idea of the wedding, take him whenever possible to visit the ceremony location and check out the preparations.

6) Accustom your pet to the props it will use, such as bows and ring pillows. Train him to use these accessories and reward him for the effort, so he will make it a positive experience and be prepared for the moment.

7) Get ready for situations involving your pet, such as needing some dirt that he can do, taking care of accidents, taking him home (or another quieter place) if he feels uncomfortable and other factors.

8) Take pictures with your pet at the beginning of the ceremony, to prevent it from having to be removed in the middle of the party and not be present in the album of memories of that day.

Your pet is part of the family for you and it can participate in this important date, but always be aware that care will need to be taken before, during and even after the ceremony. Don't forget to make it beautiful and smelling good for that special day.

Pets at the Wedding

Pets at the Wedding

Pets at the Wedding

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