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Gay marriage; tips and procedures

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Gay marriage

In 2013, a resolution was issued determining that all Registry Offices in the country should carry out homoaffective civil marriages. Today we are going to talk about the procedures for Gay marriage, leaving enlightening tips on the subject.

Non-religious same-sex marriage

To celebrate the union with a religious ceremony, it is necessary to consult in advance with the person responsible for the institution. Many religions still do not allow same-sex marriages, such as the Catholic Church and some branches of the Evangelical Church.

Depending on the religion, the ceremonialist cannot perform the ceremony outside the church, chapel or center.

If the couple does not want a religious ceremony, when they marry civilly, they can choose between two options: the first is to marry at the registry office, and the second is to pay a fee for the Justice of the Peace to go to the ceremony and perform the union .

There is also the option of the celebrant, that is, a professional who performs wedding ceremonies professionally. If the couple formalizes the union at the registry office beforehand, there is also the option of choosing someone from their circle of friends to “formalize” the union.

Gay marriage

Non-civil same-sex marriage

For a civil wedding, you must attend in person: the two grooms and two witnesses over 18 and literate.

The required documents are:

Original identity card (RG or CNH) and CPF

Original birth certificate, in perfect condition

Previous marriage certificate with divorce annotation, for the divorced

Spouse's death certificate, in perfect condition, for widows

Original RG and CPF of the witnesses.

Regulation of same-sex marriage in Brazil completes 4 years

This year (2017), the regulation of same-sex marriage in Brazil completed four years with about 15,000 official registrations across the country. The number represents an increase of 51.7% in relation to the first year of validity of the rule, according to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

On May 14, 2013, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) published Resolution 175, which began to guarantee homoaffective couples the right to civil marriage. With the resolution, notaries and judges were prohibited from refusing to register the union.

In the first year of application of the norm, 3,700 civil marriages between people of the same sex were celebrated throughout Brazil, according to the CNJ survey. In 2015, the date of the last IBGE survey on the subject, the total number – between heterosexuals and homosexuals – reached 1.13 million.

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