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Where does the Groom get dressed?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Where does the Groom get dressed?

This article is dedicated to him, who has a special place at the altar, who will have to wait a few minutes in silence. Have you ever thought about what he can do on his wedding day, before everything starts? Many grooms don't care about the details and end up leaving things for the last minute because of the anxiety that will also arrive on the day, usually they want to be practical and worry about things that shouldn't be being thought about at that moment, male nature is just like that, but we separate some ideas for you to think about and put into practice on the day.

Where does the Groom get dressed?

So that your Groom also has a pleasant day and can enjoy the ceremony and party, it is important to think about where he can rest and get ready for the wedding, on the wedding day all emotions come to the fore and many of them, anxiety, which is one of the most dangerous, due to the nervousness of thinking about things that were not important or were not analyzed before, so let him know that everything has been resolved, go over the checklist and leave only the wedding day to get ready, try avoid big tasks for the day, that's the first question.

CASA DA MAE - Some Grooms prefer to be at Casa da Mãe, or even at Casa da Mãe, something special that makes them relax is playing some kind of game like a video game or even watching tv and talking to the family members who will probably already be there , without thinking that his mother and father will do everything for him on the day, he can get ready there and then go to the ceremony accompanied by his parents, this is undoubtedly the option that most of them prefer.

MAKING OFF GROOM - There are some places specialized in male beauty that offer numerous plans and options so that the groom can get ready for the wedding day, including massage, skin treatment and also a haircut and shave. A point that is very important and that should be taken into account is that the groom does not need much to be perfect, do not overdo it with makeup or even something out of the ordinary so as not to look like an unrecognizable person on the day or even go white in the photos due to so much makeup.

HOTEL - A place that also arouses the curiosity of the bride and groom and which will be free to use is the Wedding Hotel, when booking the hotel you will have a 24-hour Check In, so from midday on the day of the wedding the hotel will be available to receive them, it is perfect for the occasion, and therefore it becomes a perfect place where your groom can relax alone and even with the Groomsmen, being able to use the pool, the bar (no drinking too much) or even other services that the hotel offers such as massage and sauna.

These are undoubtedly the options that most favor well-being to be able to enjoy the Ceremony and Reception in a good mood, without exaggeration, in order to save energy for the dance floor. Some advice that is important is to avoid delivering items on the day, staying in the event shoot, or even sleeping very late on Friday, remember that on the day you needed to be very well to be able to enjoy the whole night with your guests and also family members who will be very willing to dance a lot.

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