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How to Choose Drinks for the Wedding

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

How to Choose Drinks for the Wedding

When deciding the wedding menu it is necessary to take into account all the items that will be served to the guests. Drinks are essential to enhance the party: sparkling wines and quality wines will make all the difference to the ceremony, lending a more sophisticated atmosphere to the party and pleasing the palates of friends and relatives present.

But, after all, how to choose the perfect sparkling wine and wine? It was with this in mind that we prepared this article with special tips, in addition to the opinion of specialists from one of the largest beverage distributors in Brazil.

How to Choose Drinks for the Wedding?

1) In more formal celebrations, such as dinners, sparkling wine goes well with appetizers and starters, while the main course can be accompanied by white or red wine. When dinner is over, if the party continues, sparkling wine can be on the menu again.

2) It is necessary to take into account the season of the year so that the perfect drinks and the quantity of orders are decided: for cold days, consumption is reduced. At parties outdoors and in cooler climates, red wine is the perfect beverage, while sparkling wine can be served in any season.

expert word

We spoke with specialists from Jallas Bebidas (in São Paulo – SP) and found out which are the most interesting wines and sparkling wines for weddings. Check out:

The Prosecco Madonna is a great choice and goes great with appetizers, salads, seafood and white meats.

Freixenet's Cordon Negro Brut is Jallas Bebidas' bestseller, and is still considered the flagship of the brand. Opting for this sparkling wine will guarantee success in your marriage.

Freixenet's Cordon Rosado Brut is also a great choice, with a bright cherry color and aromas of raspberries and blackberries.

Salton Demi-Sec is often recommended to Jallas Bebidas customers, offering a lower price.

Sparkling wines and wines are synonymous with celebration and combine with different types of weddings: the simplest or sophisticated ceremonies, during the day, afternoon or night. But, as has been said, it is necessary to take into account the details that involve choosing the perfect drink, in addition to always opting for reliable distributors, who serve products of excellent quality.

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