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White Bridal Bouquet

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The wedding day is a day dreamed of for a long time by the bride and groom, some grooms tend to take a more alternative path, such as weddings in alternative locations and non-standard ceremonies. While other couples are looking for something more traditional and elegant, the white flower bouquet is a representation of this classic wedding. The white bridal bouquet, although traditional, changes with the passing of trends and with creativity the range of options expands. Let's show you some options for bridal bouquets with white flowers.

White Bridal Bouquet


The bouquet of white roses is undoubtedly the most used by brides, it is classic, chic and a joker for any dress and party model. If you want to keep the pattern of white roses, they and some foliage are enough to create an amazing bouquet. But if you are looking for something more different without losing the charm of white roses, it is possible to add roses in light tones, such as light pink, which will lift the appearance and energy of the bouquet.

lots of foliage

Many professionals in the field believe that using only white flowers does not bring the necessary highlight to the bouquet. For this reason, white bridal bouquet trends always bet on a model with plenty of foliage to formulate a contrast between the flowers and your dress. If you opt for a white bridal bouquet, don't skimp on green leaves to create this classic look. Accessories like mosquito nets and smaller flowers also add a lot to your bouquet.


Tulips are royalty flowers, which are known as balance flowers, they are very classic and beautiful. In a bridal bouquet, they create a unique tone. Tulips work great on their own, they pair perfectly with classic shaped dresses. The flower does not need foliage to stand out, its stem provides a natural gradient that generates the necessary contrast.

White Bridal Bouquet


Lily offers a very wide range of options to formulate a bouquet, it looks great in classic bouquets and also those in the waterfall style. They are ideal for weddings in more rustic environments, the flowers look good alone, but combined with lilies of another color, such as light yellow, they bring a very positive luminosity to compose your hand accessory.

White Bridal Bouquet


The white color has several orchid representatives. You can use a bouquet just like the white orchids of various sizes accompanied by their foliage. Another very popular way to use orchids is in the waterfall model. A bouquet with orchids brings a lot of elegance to your look, because orchid-type flowers have delicacy and perfection as a common characteristic.

White Bridal Bouquet

Glass of milk

The glass of milk is known specifically for being white, its name already suggests everything. This flower in a bouquet brings a lot of elegance to the bride, it can be used both in a more controlled and contained environment, as well as in a wedding with a more rustic environment. The model of bouquet with the calla lily flowers are usually model that use the natural stem of the plant.

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